Maruti Suzuki Launches Winter Service Campaign

by Vivaan Khatri | 25/12/2020
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Maruti Suzuki has confirmed to open Winter Service Campaign across the nation in order to provide customers with necessary car care and maintenance services during the winter season.

The winter has arrived. Car maintenance is a common concern for all the car owners during the cold season. Earlier, some other car manufacturers have started their own Winter Service Campaign to encourage customers to take care of their vehicles in winter. Recently, Maruti Suzuki, the largest car manufacturer in the Indian automotive market has also announced its own Winter Service Campaign.


Maruti Suzuki announces Winter Service Campaign for all customers 

Talking about the Winter Service initiative, Mr Partho Banerjee, Executive Director, Service, Maruti Suzuki India said, “Our Winter service campaign is aimed at providing a hassle-free car ownership experience to our customers during the winter season. Through our wide network of customers can avail detailed vehicle checkup along with various attractive offers.”


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As per Maruti Suzuki’s announcement, the Winter Service Campaign will be available across the nation. Being the market-leading car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki has always been appraised for its expansive network of service centres and excellent after-sales services. This strength has contributed greatly to the superior popularity of this car brand in the market. Especially with this initiative, Maruti Suzuki can cater to customers' need to maintain cars during the cold season.


It is necessary for car owners to bring their vehicles for a check-up during the winter  

As a part of this initiative, Maruti Suzuki will provide a check-up process including 27 checkpoints covering different parts of the vehicles, for example, the lighting system, battery, brakes, heating and ventilation system and more. Experienced mechanics will follow the prescribed checklist to inspect the vehicle, ensuring that the vehicle will operate in the optimum condition.


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The highlight of the Winter Service Campaign is to provide special services that are deemed necessary especially during the winter season. For example, the foglight, headlights and taillights are usually impacted during the winter due to the foggy weather. To assure the maximum visibility, extra services for these parts are necessary. There are also other extra goodies that customers can opt for, for example, car ionizer, air purifier, cabin air filter PM 2.5, N95 Mask/Germ Buster, body cover, and AC disinfectant. In addition, seeing the increasing concern for health issues during the pandemic, Maruti Suzuki also offers a wide range of accessories under the Health and Hygiene category as well.

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