Meru Cabs Given Ozone Treatment To Fight Coronavirus

by Vivaan Khatri | 22/03/2020
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Meru Mobility Tech starts to take preventive measures for their drivers and cabs for providing safe rides for their customers.

Coronavirus is spreading across the globe and become the biggest concern for the people and government all around the world. The pandemic outbreak has severely affected almost every business in the market. The cab business is not an exception. Owing to the fear of getting infected while using public transportations, people avoid using buses or even taxis and going out in general. To provide a safe drive for its customer during the time of the pandemic, Meru Mobility Tech has decided to implement several measures to protect its customers’ health.

Meru cabs will be sanitized by Ozone treatment

All drivers of the company will be educated and instructed to take preventive methods like using sanitizers, wearing face masks and changing mask regularly. Also, the company also encourages customers to use other payment methods instead of using cash to reduce personal touch. Drivers are advised to keep social distancing with other drivers. The company also provide sanitizers, mask and on-site training for its drivers. Leaflets and messages with educating content about the Coronavirus are contributed to its partner drivers as a way to educate.

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 On top of that, the company applies Ozone Treatment to sanitize its cabs. The company will designate certain spots in the city for their car to be cleaned.

During the cleaning, ozone air which can prevent the spreading of viruses and bacteria will be released. The use of ozone cleaning can approach hidden places where normal water-based sanitizer cannot reach, for example, air vents, nooks and crannies across the cabin. This initiative has been applied for up to 1,000 cabs now and the number is increasing.

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Meru Mobility Tech is a ridesharing company. Customers can call cabs via its mobile apps. Mahindra is a major shareholder of Meru Mobility. In the time of the pandemic outbreak, the revenue of the company is affected. The earnings of its drivers are thereby impacted. To stimulate the demands, the company has lowered the fares by 40 per cent along with providing affordable travel solutions at the price as low as Rs 39 in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

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