You Can Now Start Using MG Hector, Hector Plus or ZS EV Without Buying It

by Vivaan Khatri | 27/08/2020
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MG Motor India has partnered with Zoomcar to offer subscription service to potential customers. Here are the details of this new partnership.

MG Motor entered the India automotive market last year with the launch of the MG Hector. The car brand has gained significant recognition from Indian customers with its first launch. After one year, MG has managed to introduce two more vehicles, the MG Hector Plus and MG ZS EV. Recently, to increase the accessibility of its vehicle range, MG Motor has formed a partnership with Zoomcar to list its vehicle range under the subscription scheme.

mg hector line up

MG Motor will list its range of vehicles on Zoomcar's mobility platform

Under the partnership with Zoomcar, MG Motor will introduce the detailed subscription plans for interested customers soon. This initiative will allow MG to permeate into the subscription business. Zoomcar, as the leading car mobility platform in India, will be a great companion for MG Motor in this journey. According to the initial plans, MG vehicles will be offered with 12-, 24- and 36-month subscriptions.


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According to Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer, MG Motor India, the subscription service will allow the customers to experience the convenience and cutting-edge technologies provided by its vehicles. He also hopes that it would bring MG cars closer to the car enthusiasts in India. He believes that its partnership with Zoomcar can “generate considerable thrust in the market”.

zoom car

Car subscription is expected to become a popular alternative to the traditional car ownership 

The subscription service is expected to burgeon in the near future. Commented about the possibility of the car subscriptions, Greg Moran, CEO and Co-founder of Zoomcar, noted, “We anticipate a significant increase in car subscriptions over the next several quarters, as consumers look to avoid public transport and ride-hailing services without the commitments of traditional car ownership.”


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More carmakers are eyeing for the car subscription market, which means that investment will flow into this segment. We can expect that this market will grow and come up with better offerings. Compared to the traditional car ownership, car subscription offers better flexibility, great convenience at more affordable price.

Curated to offer the most convenient and fastest mobility solution, MG and Zoomcar provide 24x7 support to subscribers regarding the booking and listing process. In addition, they will also put a strong focus on providing up-to-date technologies for customer supports. Along with partnering with Zoomcar, MG Motor itself is offering initiatives like MG Shield and MG Shield+ in order to bring a hassle-free experience for the customers.

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