Virus-free MG Hector and ZS EV Being Delivered to Doorsteps [Video]

by Kshitij Rawat | 24/03/2020
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To increase vehicle sales while battling the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak, MG India will be home-delivering the Hector and MG ZS to its customers after thoroughly sanitising them.

Indian automobile market was already going through some turbulent times, owing to the sales slowdown and the jump to BSVI-compliance. To make matters worse, the current coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is steadily rising in India, prompting people to exercise social distancing and to thus stay indoors. Sadly, this means that almost nobody is going out to visit car dealerships and purchasing vehicles, which spells heavy losses for carmakers. MG India has thought of a unique temporary solution to this problem- home delivery of sanitised vehicles!

MG Motor India steps up fight against COVID-19 | Home delivery of Hector and ZS EV

Home delivery is perhaps one of the biggest boons of the modern day. The indulgence of a sit-at-home shopping spree is highly addictive, and the convenience of having it delivered at your doorstep is unmatched. As such, getting a new car delivered to your home isn’t too farfetched of a concept. In fact, Hero MotoCorp had also announced a similar initiative for two-wheelers last year, and that too without any pandemic lurking in the background. That said, getting disinfected vehicles delivered to your home ticks all the boxes of social distancing, as you are never in contact with potentially affected people, and the car is also clean of every microbe that could’ve been there before.

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As using public transport at the moment is extremely dangerous, MG’s initiative is a small yet significant sigh of relief. People who were planning to buy a new car in these two segments can now do so without worrying about the spread of the virus. Also, the company will ensure that the delivery executives maintain the appropriate hygiene for such a task, thereby showcasing responsible behaviour. This is also great news for the nearly-30-thousand customers of the Hector and 3-thousand buyers of the ZS, who are waiting on the delivery of their car.

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Virus-free MG Hector and ZS EV Being Delivered to Doorsteps [Video]

MG India will deliver its Hector and ZS SUVs to your home, sanitised for added safety

While the practicality of such a decision is yet to be checked, it would be great to see similar steps by other major carmakers. That said, many companies have temporarily shut down their manufacturing facilities, in order to spread the virus outbreak among factory workers. This has caused the supply chain to grow weak, thus adding to the woes of the auto industry. For more automotive content and the latest car news, keep following

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