MG Hector's Upcoming Big Brother Reviewed by Foreign Media

by Vivaan Khatri | 10/03/2020
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MG Hector's successor, the Gloster, is now available in the Australia market as the LDV D90. The following review of the LDV D90 will give you an overview of the upcoming MG Gloster.

MG Motors entered the Indian market last year with the Hector. The midsize SUV has quickly gained popularity and become one of the hottest SUVs in the market. With its first product having garnered considerable success, MG has an intention to expand its range further by adding more vehicles. Earlier this year, at the Auto Expo 2020, the British carmaker showcased a wide range of vehicles from its global line-up. One of those vehicles that is India-bound is the MG Gloster. Before heading to Indian market, the international version of the full-size SUV, which is known as the Maxus D90 or the LDV D90, has been reviewed by foreign media. The video below gives us a general idea of what the India-spec model could be like.

LDV D90 2020 review

MG Gloster, or the LDV D90, is a 7-seater vehicle of considerable size. The SUV has a definite road presence and its large dimensions even translate into a generous interior space. The Gloster sports a chunky and dominating grille with chrome garnish. The chrome element is also found around the fog lights and the bumper. In the side profile, MG Gloster gets large windows and machine cut alloy wheels. The chrome application is expanded to the side as well. It is used to line under the window area and door handles and under the door. Overall, this SUV is designed to be a head-turner with an imposing stance and muscular design.

MG Gloster

MG Gloster made its debut at the Auto Expo 2020

"What can this SUV offer in terms of the interior" is a big question for Indian customers. Well, the Australia-spec version comes with a load of features including a touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple Carplay support along with cruise control, leather-covered steering wheel and seats. The interior gives you the impression of a flush design with gloss material across the dashboard. What comes as the most impressive feature of this SUV is the ambient space allotted for all three rows. With both rear rows folded, the car can offer a large room for storage.

The LDV D90 is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine that delivers a maximum power of 165kW (225 PS) and 350 Nm. It is noted by the anchor that this car performs pretty well, especially once it has built the momentum. However, regardless of how much time you have spent driving this car, parking it is quite a hassle owing to the sheer size. However, apart from some minor drawbacks, the MG Gloster or LDV D90 is still a good option in the highly populated SUV market.

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MG Gloster is slated to launch in India later this year. The Indian version is likely to get 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol and 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine options. Besides, the MG Hector Plus is also lined for an imminent launch.

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