This Jeep Renegade is Actually a Maruti Gypsy Underneath

by IndianAuto Team | 06/04/2020
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Here is one Maruti Gypsy which has been modified to look like the much more expensive Jeep Renegade. Read on to discover

Being an iconic car, the Maruti Gypsy manages to retain its popularity in India even after being discontinued. This is mostly due to its great off-roading capabilities, high reliability and huge modification capabilities. Here is one such modified Maruti Gypsy which has been customized to mimic the Jeep Renegade. Before delving into the details, first, let’s have a look at the video of this SUV-

As per the video, to achieve the final look, a lot of metal bodywork has been done. The Gypsy has received a bright yellow paint scheme. The customized car comes with aftermarket headlights and taillights along with larger wheels. The doors have also been perfectly slicked out and shine bright yellow.


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As regards the interior, the seats get a two-tone colour scheme. Whether it gets a 2-seater layout or space in the rear is available so that people can sit inside remains unclear. This ‘Renegade’ is an open-top car, which means that you can only drive it in nice weather. One of the interesting things about the car is the availability of the beer bar under the backseat; however, the driver must not drive and drink at the same time or else, he/she will be at a huge risk of a mishap. Of course, the driver can also be heavily fined, given the fact that the new 2019 challan rates have been implemented. INR 4 lakh have been spent on customizing this Maruti Gypsy King.

modified maruti gypsy front three quarters image 1

This Maruti Gypsy has been thoroughly modified to become the much more expensive Jeep Renegade.

The Maruti Gypsy was the most affordable vehicle in India to feature a standard 4WD system. The car used to be very popular with the Indian auto buyers, thanks to its classic looks, reliable mechanicals, and the robust 4WD system. Moreover, the Gypsy was even popular in motorsport. While the Gypsy is no longer on sale in the country, it's heartening to see some aficionados keeping the legend alive through such tastefully done modifications. 

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