Government Plans New Rules To Obtain Driving License And Vehicle Registration Certificate

by Jatin Chhibber | 05/06/2020
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The Ministry of Road, Highway Transport and Highways is planning to make some changes in the driving license and vehicle registration rules.

The ongoing nationwide lockdown has changed almost every aspect of our lives. This deadly virus is so chaotic that many rules have been changed and the government has even made some new ones. Moreover, very soon, the rules related to DL (driving license) and vehicle registration may also change. The Central government is currently exploring suggestions from all stakeholders to make noteworthy amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA). Recent reports suggest that the Indian government will make changes in the Motor Vehicle Act in the upcoming months and they have already issued a notice on this.


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Driving License And Vehicle Registration Certificate Rules To Change In Future

The central government has plans to make changes in the Motor Vehicle Act

If a brand new vehicle carries a manufacturing defect then the automaker will have to pay a fine between Rs 10 lakh to Rs 1 crore. These fines will be dependent on the type of vehicle along with the number of defects encountered. Furthermore, the rules related to driving license and vehicle registration are also expected to change soon. According to a recent statement by the MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport & Highway), the government is welcoming proposals from all the partners to revise the terms related to the application of new vehicle registration and a driving license.


The government is taking suggestions from the stakeholders on the plan for the revision of the Motor Vehicle Act


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This notice was issued in March this year and is the second time that the Government of India has issued a notice like this. The main purpose of this notice by the government is to make sure that the stakeholders get enough time to project a viable suggestion after understanding the objective of the plan. As of now, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highway Transport has also asked the stakeholders to return back with inputs within a period of 2 months. Quoting over the time limitations, MoRTH commented, that the ongoing situation has made it imperative for enough time to be given to the shareholders to acknowledge the proposal. The new amendment to the MVA is expected to be announced by the beginning of the third quarter of this year.

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