No Sunroof on New Maruti Vitara Brezza - Here's Why

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 25/02/2020
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Maruti has launched the new Vitara Brezza facelift in a price range of Rs. 7.34-11.40 lakhs but it misses out on a sunroof. Here's why

Maruti has launched the 2020 Vitara Brezza with a new powerplant at a starting price of Rs. 7.34 lakh. The top-end variant costs Rs. 11.40 lakh and reading that would make you wonder, “Why Maruti has not fitted the car with a sunroof when the competition is offering one?” Maruti has addressed this question in respect to their other cars at various media interactions and stated a few reasons for not coming up with a sunroof in any of its cars.

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Sunroof is a small opening in the roof of a car and its purpose is to bring some sunlight inside the cabin. Thus, it is useful in countries where temperatures are low and sunlight is a delight. In our tropical climate, the sun is always on its peak, except for a few months. So having a sunroof would make the car look a little premium, but it is nearly impractical in a hot country like ours. 

The other reason the manufacturer quoted is that it reduces the structural integrity or strength of the car’s monocoque. The sunroof creates a void in the roof, which would rather be a solid sheet of metal if there’s none. Since the new Vitara Brezza is just a facelift with same body shell, making room for a sunroof without compromising on safety would have added extra cost to the car. The manufacturer had to reinforce the roof to make it withstand the same amount of shear stress and torsion as the earlier car. Another parameter that goes for a toss with the sunroof is the NVH levels. NVH stands for Noise Vibration and Harshness, and a glass pane cannot suppress the noise and vibrations to the same extent as a damped sheet of metal would.

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No Sunroof on New Maruti Vitara Brezza - Here's Why

The new Vitara Brezza facelift gets a lot more features than the car it replaces.

These reasons are more than enough for Maruti to miss out on the latest fancy feature that the Indian crowd is ready to spend their money on. However, Maruti has not compromised on the car’s feature list, and this time, you get more than what you would get in the diesel-spec Brezza. If you think you really need a sunroof in your car, going for aftermarket fitment can be an option, but here’s why you should or shouldn’t go for an aftermarket sunroof fitment or even the company fitted sunroof altogether.

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