Pininfarina Battista Electric Hypercar - Things You Need To Know

by Mohammed Burman | 13/12/2018
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90 years after Carrozeria Pininfarina was formed by Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina, the PF0 electric hypercar will be launched in 2020 and become the most powerful car ever of Italy. Here are all things you need to know about this electric hypercar.

1. It will be named after the founder of Carrozeria Pininfarina

For your information, Automobili Pininfarina is a new enterprise pioneering in manufacturing all-electric premium sports cars which have unequalled performance and unique design. With the introduction of its first hypercar in 2020, the company expects to produce a range of electric vehicles with impressive performance, attractive beauty and advanced technology in the future. 

Recently, the Italy-based automobile company has announced that its first performance electric vehicle will be named Pininfarina Battista. This name has been based on Carrozzeria Pininfarina company founder’s name which is Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina or Battista Pininfarina. Carrozzeria Pininfarina, also known as Pininfarina SpA for short, was founded by Battista Pininfarina in 1930 as a car design company and coachbuilder. In December 2015, it was acquired by Mahindra Group from India.

Battista Pininfarina next to a car

The first electric hypercar of Automobili Pininfarina will be named after the founder of Carrozeria Pininfarina

2. The Pininfarina Battista is the first one of Pininfarina-badged vehicles in the roads

When still living, Battista Pininfarina had always dreamt of seeing a range of solely Pininfarina-badged cars. And now his grandson, Paolo Pininfarina, also the Chairman of Automobili Pininfarina, and the designers at Pininfarina S.p.A will help the former founder realize his dream. 

In a meeting with Michael Perschke, the CEO of Automobili Pininfarina and Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra, Paolo Pininfarina confirmed once launched, the Pininfarina Battista would become the first vehicle in the series of independent Pininfarina-branded luxury cars with the most impressive performance in Italy.

3. Automobili Pininfarina has invested more than 20 million EUR (almost Rs 163 crore) 

The electric hypercar will be manually developed in a limited number at Pininfarina SpA. Paulo Pininfarina will closely monitor the manufacturing procedure of the legendary car. Actually, earlier, Automobili Pininfarina has announced that it has invested more than 20 EUR (over Rs 163 crore) in the new partnership with Pininfarina SpA. This amount of money will be spent on the development, design and production of the Pininfarina Battista and also Pininfarina cars in the future.

In order to mark the strategic cooperation between the well-known Italian car design hub and the new luxury electric car automaker, two images of the Pininfarina Battista performance electric car were released. The two images indicate the ‘PURA’ design philosophy for not only the vehicle but also later cars of the brand as well. The philosophy focuses on a balance between mechanics and design. With the elegant, simple and pure design, supported by modern technical advances, the electric hypercar will represent how the company’s design philosophy, mechanics heritage and technology innovations will be combined together in the purely Pininfarina-badged cars.

Pininfarina Battista teasers

The two images of the Pininfarina Battista were revealed to commemorate the partnership between the two companies

4. The ‘PURA’ design philosophy was displayed with the new Pininfarina Battista images

The Italian design company, which is well-known for designing many most iconic vehicles of the world, has always given an equal priority to the exterior and interior design, the experience of both the driver and the passengers as well as mechanical innovation. Moreover, the car will also be an environmentally friendly vehicle with a zero amount of emissions. The company has termed all of them the ‘PURA’ design philosophy, which will direct the Pininfarina Battista every other future cars’ production.

PURA can ensure that Automobili Pininfarina products offer a harmony between an elegant design and energetic performance offered by the optimised aerodynamics, the newest mechanic solutions and the great but still manageable electric power.

'PERU' design philosophy

The 'PERU' design philosophy will be a combination of the attractive appearance, advanced technologies and impressive performance

5. The Pininfarina Battista will break all speed records

Manufactured as the first fully-electric luxury performance car, the Pininfarina Battista has carbon fibre exterior, advanced technology with an impressive performance. Automobili Pininfarina has also cooperated with Rimac Automobili, a famous car supplier, which specializes in providing electric and battery motors for luxury car brands in the world. 

The Pininfarina Battista is powered by an electric engine which can produce a max power of 1,900 bhp and a peak torque of 2,300Nm. The vehicle can speed up from a standstill to 62mph in just under two seconds, which is faster than a Formula 1 and shatter the record of 250 mph top speed. This emission-proof engine has a travel range of more than 300 miles per charge.

6. The Pininfarina Battista has been showcased in Europe

As the electric hypercar and other Automobili Pininfarina’ future cars are being developed in Europe, Pininfarina SpA has started showcasing the Pininfarina Battista prototype in Europe. The potential European customers and some car retailers have had a good chance of participating in a range of VIP events held by new Automobili Pininfarina Development Driver Nick Heidfeld, who is also a legendary racing driver. Initial feedback demonstrates an enormous demand for electric hypercars and considerable people’s hope that all future cars in the market will be luxury and fully electric.

Pininfarina Battista blue colour between two men

The Pininfarina Battista will be globally launched in late 2020 before being introduced to India

The Pininfarina Battista will be disclosed at the Geneva International Motor Show display held in March 2019. Over 150 Pininfarina Battistas will come to the international market by late 2020 with a price range from 2 million USD (over Rs 14.3 crore) and 2.5 million USD (almost Rs 17.9 crore). At present, 50 units are being distributed to the USA, 50 for Europe and 50 for the Asian and Middle East region. We can expect that the legendary electric car will come to India after its global launch, maybe by 2021. This car, also the first vehicle of Automobili Pininfarina, can be considered as a starting point of the Italian automaker’s penetration into the Italian luxury car market in particular and the global one in general and also a gift of a grandson to his grandfather to continue the family’s heritage.

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