Watch Police Beating Up Maruti Baleno Occupants Out on a Joyride during Lockdown

by Yatharth Singh Chauhan | 25/03/2020
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A video shows police beating occupants of a Maruti Baleno who were out on a joyride even though there's a 21-day long lockdown across the country in order to curb the menace of CoronaVirus

Last night, at 8 PM, Mr Narendra Modi, Honourable Prime Minister of India, announced a 21-day long lockdown across the country in a bid to curb the spread of the n-COVID-19. As per his announcement, all citizens have to remain in the confines of their homes and should stay indoors all day long. This is an unprecedented nationwide lockdown for such a long period. While certain exemptions are provided in order to deal with emergency situations, the cops are nabbing anyone who is seen driving on a public road. The video below shows what happens when a group of guys decide to go out on a joyride in a new Maruti Baleno in Jabalpur. 

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Many have suggested that any vehicle that is being used on a road can be impounded by the police. While we are yet to get to know of any incident of the cops seizing the vehicles, the entire social media is suddenly flooded with videos of cops using brute force to enforce the lockdown and ensure people don't come out on the roads. A video that surfaced Youtube recently shows a new Maruti Baleno being flagged down at a police checkpost in Jabalpur, which is the worst-hit part of Madhya Pradesh. Next, you can see the cops asking the occupants of the car about the reason they're out in spite of a curfew. 

After not getting any satisfactory answer, the cop decides to teach them a lesson by htting them with lathis. While we are not exactly supportive of the action of the cop, it's actually high time everyone understands that it's vital to stay indoor at all times. Cops across the country seem to have got very strict with enforcement of lockdown by punishing any violator by hitting them with 'lathis' (baton). 

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Watch Police Beating Up Maruti Baleno Occupants Out on a Joyride during Lockdown

Under the exemptions provided by the government, people are allowed to travel only for purchasing medicines, groceries, providing medical care or taking a patient to hospital/doctor. We request all to act responsibly and not violate the guidelines of the nation-wide lockdown. We hope that the lockdown will help us curb the menace of the virus, so that life can return to the normal state at the earliest. 

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