Prices of Petrol and Diesel Reach Highest Point In Over One Year

by Vivaan Khatri | 26/06/2020
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Petrol and diesel prices have increased for many consecutive days and are currently at a 19 months peak

The petrol and diesel prices in the country increased for the 11 consecutive day this Wednesday. The price changes are directly affected by the prolonged lockdown across the nation.

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Fuel type in India has increased for the 11 days in a row 

In Delhi, the diesel price is now pegged at Rs 75.79 for one litre while one litre of petrol is priced at Rs 77.28. In the meanwhile, diesel and petrol in Mumbai are available at the prices of Rs 74.32 and Rs 84.15 for one litre, respectively. In Kolkata, it costs Rs 79.08 and Rs 71.38 to buy one litre of petrol and diesel. In Chennai, you will have to pay Rs 73.69 for one litre of diesel and Rs 80.86 for one litre of petrol.


Tips for more efficient fuel consumption

In the last 11 days, prices of petrol and diesel have increased by Rs 6 and Rs 6.4 per litre, respectively. It is the highest price point in the last 19 months in the country after the time when crude oil prices soared in 2018.

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The increased fuel rate is opposed by the public

It should be noted that the Government has approved applying higher duty on the fuel prices to improve its money deposits. The decision receives controversial feedback from the public. Before the increase in prices of petrol and diesel, Sonia Gandhi, Congress President called for the new rates to be rolled back. She clarified that the decision of increasing the price during the pandemic is "wholly insensitive” and “ill-advised”. It is also pointed out that the crude oil price in the global market has lowered by around 9 per cent, suggesting that the Centre is “profiteering off its people”. According to Sonia Gandhi, the price increase amidst the pandemic will be burdensome to the people who are already facing a hard time. However, in spite of the strong attact by opposition, any sort of relief for consumers doesn't seem to be in the offing. Stay tuned for more updates on priecs of petrol and diesel in India.

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