PUC Certificate Mandatory From January 2021

by Vivaan Khatri | 02/12/2020
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The PUC regulations will be enhanced. From January 2021, all vehicles are required to get valid PUC Certificates.

Last year, the transport system has seen the major shift from BSIV to BSVI emission standards, which has substantially impacted the entire automotive industry. As the BVSI went into effect, some vehicles are forced to be discontinued since the manufacturers decided not to update these diesel vehicles to meet the new regulations. In the latest developments, the rules requiring the drivers to carry PUC (Pollution Under Control) certification are strengthened.


According to some reports, the road transport ministry has released a draft notification on November 27, asking for suggestions before the online PUC system is launched. It is expected that it will take around two months until the process is completed and the PUC system goes into operation.


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Accordingly, if the vehicle users cannot present their valid PUC certifications, their Registration Certifications might be seized. The vehicle owners are required to renew their PUC certifications within seven days. If they failed to provide valid PUC certifications within the given time, then their vehicle’s Registration Certification will be seized.

To rule out the chance of foul play, the violators will be asked to share their phone numbers and the system will verify the phone numbers by using one-time-password code (OTP). Once the correct OTP is given, the PUC executive will generate a form against the violator.


Moreover, the vehicle users might be asked to get their vehicles checked or fixed within seven days if the authorities found extra fumes emitted from their vehicles. This rule is applicable for commercial vehicle owners as well.


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Air pollution is a big concern for the government and our citizens. In major cities, the air quality index has reached a distressingly high level. It is expected that by applying these new stringent rules, the air quality will be under control or at least, not get worst.

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