Renault Kwid Variants Explained: Which variants will be the best choice for you?

by Vivaan Khatri | 12/10/2018
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Renault Kwid comes with an attractive price list. At such an appealing price, could the Renault Kwid offer what you need? It depends much on what variant will you pick. And here is the list of features and explanation of what each variant of the Kwid will offer.

The latest generation of the Kwid has been around for three years, and the car is recently given updates. Even though a decent update didn’t happen, the minor updates that it gets are still welcomed, and the best part is that these updates come with a slight rise in price.

Renault Kwid is obviously the best deal that you can find in the market right now. The Kwid is one of the cheapest cars in India. As the price range starts at the lowest point of 2.62 lakh and goes up to 4.59 lakh. Within such an affordable price, it leaves the customers with more choices within their limited budget. But it also means that it will pose a tough decision making on the Kwid. So here we are, giving you the detailed explanation of the Kwid and what the car will offer you for each variant.

New 2018 Renault KWID official TVC video is here

1. Renault Kwid STD - 2.67 lakh

Let’s start with the base variant first. The base line will come with the most basic and standard equipment that will be featured on every variant of the car. The standard Kwid still benefits from the spacious interior room and boot room as well as the driving nature and look of an off-roader-like car. Besides, the Kwid STD will be stacked with the following features:

  • Gear shift indicator

  • Adjustable Headlights

  • Rear spoiler

  • Adjustable exterior rearview mirror

  • Wheel Covers

Renault Kwid red color qaurter front on road

Renault Kwid STD is the value-for-money base variant 

Safety feature package will include the below features:

  • Centre locking

  • Child safety locks

  • Front and rear seat belts with EL

  • Driver airbags

The lowest variant of the Kwid seems to be frugal. Even the recent update has bestowed it with the ELR belt seats, it still misses out on the increasingly needed goodies like ABS and dual front airbags. Given that these features have become the standard in most modern cars, Kwid STD seems to be a big miss. It even leaves the AC and power steering box unticked. Red and bronze color will on be on offer for this variant. If you can stretch your budget for the higher variants, it is not recommended to pick this variant. 

2. Renault Kwid RXE - 3.1 lakh

On the next scale, we will examine what the next-to-base variant can offer you. For this variants, the price will be Rs 42,000 higher than the standard STD. On returns, you will get the following features:

  • Air conditioner 

  • Foldable rear seat

  • Lower glove box

  • Engine immobilizer 

To the next variant, the Kwid has become better with the appearance of essential features like the air conditioner and glove box. However, it still misses on some basic safety techs like ABS and dual front airbags. With the serious concern for the safety aspect, you have better go with pricier variants but well-equipped and safer. Also, note that Renault Kwid RXE only comes with the 800cc petrol engine.

3. Renault Kwid RXL - 3.36 lakh

To the mid-range variant of the Kwid, you will get a better feature list at the cost of Rs 27,000 over the RXE. But you will get some decent features, such as:

  • Body-coloured bumpers

  • Fog lamps (new feature on 2018 Kwid)

  • Full wheel covers (new feature on 2018 Kwid)

  • Full-size black decals on doors

  • Red upholstery

  • Electric power steering

  • Front power windows (new feature on 2018 Kwid)

  • Single DIN infotainment system with radio, AM/FM, MP3, Bluetooth connectivity 

  • USB and Aux Input 

  • Front-speaker sound system

  • 12V power socket

  • Remote central locking 

To this variant, the Kwid has been better equipped with a list of exterior and interior features, including a basic entertainment facility. But the safety need is still left neglected. 

4. Renault Kwid RXT - 3.83 lakh

At the price of 4.34 lakh, the Kwid has loosened their belt for a decent features list. More specifically, it will gains some more goodies over the RXL, for example:

  • Chrome accent on the grille and knob

  • Dual-tone dashboard

  • Upper glove box

  • Rear parcel tray

  • Driver airbags

  • 7-inch MediaNAV touchscreen infotainment system

  • Rear parking camera

  • 12V socket for rear passengers

  • Remote keyless entry with central locking

  • Intermittent front wiper & auto wiping while washing


Renault Kwid RXT will come with 7-inch MediaNAV touchscreen unit 

At this variants, the Kwid has finally added the top-notch 7-inch MediaNAV touchscreen which is also the highlight of this car. It is one of the best units available in the market. With the addition of the fog lamps and central locking, the Kwid RXT is a decent choice which could fulfill most of the basic needs. However, one big miss on this variant is the airbags. Due to lack of airbags, you might want to look further to the higher variants that could ensure better safety.

5. Renault Kwid RXT (O) - 4.04 lakh

Price: 4.04 lakh (Manual) - 4.34 lakh (ATM)

Finally, at the price of 3.78 lakh, the Renault Kwid has finally slot airbags into the feature list. Moreover, the most exciting part is that the Kwid RXT (O) will come with the ATM transmission option.

Here are what we got over the RXL:

  • Driver airbag

  • High safety Pro-Sense front seatbelt

6. Renault Kwid Climber - 4.33 lakh

Price: 4.33 lakh (Manual) - 4.63 lakh (ATM)

Renault Kwid Climber quarter front

Renault Kwid Climber has even a sportier and tougher look

The special version Renault Kwid Climber will have some juice fruit to offer you. Basically, it will get some quirky changes interiorly and exteriorly, like the sporty orange highlight on the seat cover and the dashboard and the tougher outside looks. Here are the specific twists that the Kwid will get:

  • Dual-tone orange ORVMs

  • Rugged bumper

  • Front & Rear Bull bar protector

  • Arching roof racks

  • Orange-illuminated side repeaters

  • CLIMBER badge on front doors, rear windshield and steering wheel

  • Door Plastic cladding

  • Orange insert on steering wheel, side air vents and gear knob (manual version)

  • Orange highlight upholstery with CLIMBER badge

Renault Kwid Climber interior orange highlights

The interior of Renault Kwid will come with orange highlights 

This version with a load of accessories will come with a pricey tag. The manual Renault Kwid Climber will cost Rs 20,000 more over the RXT (O) manual, and AMT version costs Rs 24,000 more than the automatic RXT (O).

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