Rolls Royce Joins Hand with IIT Madras

by Vivaan Khatri | 10/03/2020
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Rolls Royce has collaborate with Indian Institute of Technology Madras to developing technologies and encourage employees to acquire higher education. 

Rolls Royce recently announced that the company has joined hands with Indian Institute of Technology Madres (IIT-M) for working on future research programmes. Basically, Rolls Royce has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with IIT Madras and as a part of this partnership, Rolls Royce has also introduced a “Technical Higher Study Framework” in which select employees of the company will be sent to the premiere institute to earn higher education degrees.

iit madras

Rolls Royce will collaborate IIT Madras in the future technical programme 

As per the strategic focus of the MoU, Rolls Royce and IIT-M will collaborate on conducting research and developing programmes in future technologies that are related to the company’s concerned areas. The partnership also involves Rolls Royce sending select engineers to apply for Master and PhD education in IIT-M. India Institute of Technology Madras is a prominent institute for engineering studies in India.

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Rolls Royce will also send their employees to pursue Master and PhD degrees in IIT Madras

To join this program, employees must follow the IIT Madras application process, and their major should be of relevance to Rolls Royce’s capabilities and priorities. The applicants must be permanent employees working at Bengaluru-based Rolls Royce Engineering Centre and in service for the company for more than 36 months. Kishore Jayaraman, President of Rolls Royce India and South Asia, said:

"We look forward to exploring areas where we can co-develop technological solutions. At the same time, we are keen to leverage this collaboration with a premier technology institute like IIT Madras to promote the upskilling and professional development of our engineering talent, and facilitate higher education and research in areas of strategic interest."

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The programme will provide a wonderful opportunity to employees to pursue higher education that is in line with their company’s endeavour to provide growth and career development opportunities to its employees. 

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