Is Salman Khan the Latest Star to Add a Maruti Gypsy to his garage?

by IndianAuto Team | 08/03/2020
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Salman Khan was recently seen driving a modified Maruti Gypsy. Is he the next celebrity owner of this legendary vehicle?

Salman Khan is a famous celebrity car collector. The Bollywood star has a wide range of cars coming from the world-class luxury car brands. He also shows an endless affection for SUVs and has purchased various expensive SUVs including the Land Rover Range Rover Long Wheelbase model. IndianAuto has listed all of Salman Khan's famous luxury cars before. It comes as no surprise if the famous actor is seen in a flashy super expensive car. However, seeing Salman Khan in a bare-basic vehicle like Maruti Gypsy is an interesting sight. 

maruti gypsy salman khan

Salman Khan was seen driving a modified Maruti Gypsy

Maruti Gypsy is a popular off-roader in India. Despite being discontinued last year, this car remains a classic vehicle that is loved by generations of Indian drivers. The Gypsy that Salman Khan has been seen driving is a white model with a couple of modified elements, including an aftermarket bullbar, off-road bumpers, front-mounted tow hook, electric winch, and retrofitted headlights with LED auxiliary lamps. To enhance the offroad capacity, this Maruti Gypsy gets a set of aftermarket mud-terrain tyres which, along with the deep dish off-road rims, allow the car to handle tough terrains and bad roads.

Additionally, a snorkel, which increases the water-wading capacity of the SUV, has been added on the driver’s side. The new equipment will prevent the engines and other electric parts from being affected by the water when the car tackles deep water crossing. The owner of this tastefully modified Maruti Gypsy is not identified yet and we don’t know if it is Salman or one of his acquaintances. Besides Salman Khan, John Abraham is also a fan of this off-roader. He has been seen driving his Gypsy several times in Mumbai.

Maruti Gypsy is no longer available in the new car market after being axed last year. The ageing SUV can not fulfil the new safety and emission standards. Despite its disappearance from the market, the demand for this SUV still persists in the off-roading community. This particular SUV enjoys such a huge popularity thanks to its excellent offroad ability, its lightweight body and a powerful 4x4 system.

Maruti Gypsy's successor - Jimny at Auto Expo 2020

The discontinuation of the Maruti Gypsy has left a gap in the market. It is expected that Maruti will fill the Gypsy’s place with the all-new Jimny. The Jimny inherits all the attributes of Maruti Gypsy along with a modern design, better equipment, essential safety features and, of course, a BSVI-compliant engine.

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