Can You Guess Shahrukh Khan's Dream Car? Hint- It's Not a Hyundai Santro or Creta

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 17/02/2020
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In a recent interview with a media outlet at the unveiling of 2020 Hyundai Creta, Shahrukh Khan draws a rough sketch of his dream car.

Shahrukh Khan recently unveiled the 2020 Hyundai Creta at the Auto Expo 2020. He is the brand ambassador for Hyundai Motor India and has been associated with the brand for almost 22 years now. At the event, the superstar told how he is still a 'Santro Wala'. He told that the Santro has been his favourite Hyundai car, for its tall-boy styling and the name. However, a new video of the 'Badshah of Bollywood' that has surfaced on the internet shows him trying to draw his dream car.

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Shahrukh Khan Reveals his dream car by a sketch

Shahrukh Khan says he loves car with simple yet elegant designs.

On asking about his favourite features, the superstar added that he doesn’t love any fancy gizmos in the car, instead his must-have features are power steering, AC, and power windows. When he’s asked about the reason for the same, the star adds, the power steering is a boon to steer the big and long car in tight spots, while AC is a must-have in the tropical summers of the country. He added the power windows, which used to be luxury in the early days of his career is present in every car now. He said, rolling up and down the windows is much faster in comparison to the slow manual systems.

The host also asked him to draw a car to have an idea how his dream car should look like. Mr. Khan drew a rough sketch of what looked like the classic Willy’s Jeep. This strengthened the fact that Mr. Khan loves simplicity in car designs. He told the host that he is not a car guy but loves to have cars styled with progression and understated lines.

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However, the celeb also told how the connectivity features have helped the mobile phones replace all other music sources. When asked about his favourite car, he added, that he still loves the Santro and he is not the one who chooses cars for himself. If he ever had to he would love to have a Creta.

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