Here's A Good Look at Shahrukh Khan's Swanky Vanity Van

by IndianAuto Team | 06/04/2020
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Check out the exotic vanity van of Shahrukh Khan that is worth Rs 4 crore and has the sort of upmarket features one can never imagine in a vehicle.

Everyone knows Shahrukh Khan is an avid car nut, which has been reflected in Shahrukh Khan’s exotic fleet of cars that includes some of the most desirable names like Rolls Royce Phantom or Bugatti Veyron, etc. King Khan’s deep love for automobiles goes beyond cars. It can be seen in the form of his vanity van that has been specially customised by the famous car designer Dillip Chhabria. Priced at around Rs 4 Crore, Shahrukh Khan’s vanity van can certainly cost you more than what a signiicantly expensive house in Delhi and Mumbai would cost. The vanity van offers some one-of-a-kind features on the outside and inside, thus making it a luxurious “condo on the wheels”.

shahrukh khan vanity van front three quarters images 1

Just look at it, the vanity van of the Bollywood hotshot is bigger than it looks like in pictures that can make any other vehicles running on the same roads less daunting. Particularly, when the van is parked, one side of it can be extended so that the owner can benefit from more room when he stays on the inside. The superlatively-large interior space of the van also enables extra room needed for plenty of brilliant features than one can only dream of.

shahrukh khan vanity van interior

What would you need on the inside of a vehicle? A table? Check. A wardrobe section? Check. A huge flat-screen TV? Check. True, the King deserves the best. Shahrukh Khan’s vanity van is fitted with the most impressive features that you can never imagine on the inside of any vehicle.

shahrukh khan vanity van interior bench

The floor of the van is entirely made out of glass with backlit that makes us feel stepping on the floor of a 5-star rated deluxe hotel. The roof is meticulously crafted with wooden panels, thus enhancing the van’s overall opulence. It has a huge pantry section, a wardrobe, a special makeup chair and an ample separate lavatory.

shahrukh khan vanity van interior washroom

The inbuilt shower of the vanity van is claimed to be “as big as a 1 BHK”. Obviously then, the vanity van of the Bollywood star is highly technologically-advanced that might make you go wow. There is also a huge flatscreen TV by Bose, an electric chair which can take you from one end to the other of the cabin with a simple touch of a button. Every aspect of the vanity van can be remotely controlled via an iPad for the highest stress-free convenience of use.

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It is worth noting, Shahrukh Khan is not the only celebrity who is the proud owner of this DC-desinged vanity van. Another big “Khan” in the Bollywood, Salman Khan also owns this vehicle.

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