Skoda India Showrooms Receive Make-over

by Vivaan Khatri | 24/10/2019
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With a total investment of Rs 120 crore, Skoda India has finished renewing its entire dealership network.

Earlier, Skoda Auto India introduced a plan to renovate its entire dealership network including 63 showrooms and 61 touch points located in 53 cities across the country. Recently, the Czech car manufacturer has finished its grand-scale revamp process. In conjunction with its strategic dealer partners, the company has reportedly invested Rs 120 crore in the brand renovation scheme, making it the biggest rebranding campaign in the history of the Indian automobile history. According to Skoda India, the rebranding is executed with a priority given to “functionality, clear orientation and transparency.”

skoda india dealership

Currently, Skoda has 124 showrooms and touchpoints across 53 cities in India

The rebranding campaign is a part of the larger scheme which is known as the India 2.0 project. It was introduced by Volkswagen Group as its new approach to the India market. The redesigning focuses on delivering a corporate architecture, highly-functional interiors along with a rationalized business process in order to achieve a higher goal of improving customer experience. This new philosophy is reflected in Skoda’s new design for its dealerships. In line with its new outlook, the Czech carmaker also introduced its new slogan, “Simply Clever with a human touch.”

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Skoda Auto India introduces the new architecture of its dealership network as a combination clear-cut and simple form, harmonious colour selection, modern lighting application. The design will epitomize Skoda’s new image, “clear, transparent, modern, and open”. Through the new architecture renovation, Skoda wants to deliver an emotional impact on its customers. Zac Hollis, Director of Sales, Service, and Marketing department, said:

“Through our redesigned dealership network, we are focusing on strengthening the brand in India while working closely with our channel partners to guarantee sustainability.”

skoda india showroom

The large-scale rebranding campaign is the part of the larger project

Under the new India 2.0 Project, besides the massive rebranding, the Skoda Auto India, as well as Volkswagen Passenger Cars will have to develop new highly-localized products. In order to do that, the car company is recruiting more local staff from different demography as a way to gain insights into the regional culture and mindset. In the future, Skoda, as well as Volkswagen, will introduce a series of new models underpinned by an MQBA0 IN platform which specifically developed for Indian market.

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