Man Drives an Old Suzuki Jimny Over Pedestrian Overpass For a Quick U-Turn

by Kshitij Rawat | 17/04/2020
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Suzuki Jimny, which will soon be introduced to India as the new Maruti Gypsy, is an extremely capable off-road vehicle.

Some people like to flaunt their car’s capabilities, while others do so accidentally. Recently, a man in China drove his third-generation Suzuki Jimny up a pedestrian overpass, thus entering the hall of fame in the latter category.

Man drives onto pedestrian overpass to make U-turn | South China Morning Post

The video above was posted by the South China Morning Post. The man in question had missed his exit for a U-turn on a highway and, as usually happens on busy motorways, there wasn’t another exit for quite a while. The man then decided to be crafty, and drove up to the nearest overhead pedestrian crossing instead. Confident in the capabilities of his little SUV, the man drove up the flight of stairs. The individual steps weren’t too high, making the car’s climb easier.


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Due to its tiny dimensions, the Suzuki Jimny was able to then take the overpass and cross the road. Before the man drove down the stairs on the other side, he was spotted by the police, who then fined him 200 yuan (USD 28) and deducted points from his license. Also, the bridge reportedly had a weight limit of just 1,000 kg, which meant that the 1150 Kg car was lucky to have escaped unhurt.


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Regardless of the car’s impressive feat, it cannot be denied that such dangerous driving puts not only the car’s occupants at risk, but everyone in the vicinity of the incident. China has the third-highest number of road accidents, behind India (highest) and US (second highest).

Man Drives an Old Suzuki Jimny Over Pedestrian Overpass For a Quick U-Turn

In other news, Maruti will soon begin local production of the Suzuki Jimny, both for the Indian and the international market. The Indian model will be a five-door version though, not a three-door like the regular Jimny. It will be powered by the same 1.5-litre petrol engine as the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, and transmission options will include a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed torque convertor. The car is expected to sport a 4-wheel-drive system on the top-trims, while the lower ones might make do with a rear-wheel-drive format.

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