Tata Garuda Could be a Great Replacement for PM Modi's Land Cruiser

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 19/02/2020
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Tata Garuda presidential limousine conceptualises a presidential limousine, it has been designed by students of National Institute of Design

The presidential limousines have never fascinated the Indian politicians as most of them can be seen travelling in big brawny SUVs. The Beast, which happens to be the set of wheels of the President of the USA is the most renowned presidential limousine in the world. However, it does not look all that good aesthetically. The situation is similar with most of the presidential limousines, as they are armoured to face the apocalypse. The thick sheet metal and bulletproof glass plays a big challenge in aiding them with curves and creases of all sorts to look dynamic. That said, the students of National Institute of Design have tried their best to come up with a good looking design for the limo.

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Tata Garuda Presidential Limousine Was Showcased At Auto Expo 2020

Tata Garuda is a presidential limousine concept showcased by the students of National Institute of Design.

The students have prepared a scale model of the presidential limousine, which they have named Garuda. It has been conceptualized keeping in mind the company’s Impact 2.0 design language. The Garuda limo is designed with an intention to give the limos from luxury car makers a tough fight. Starting from the front, the car gets a Harrier-inspired front face, with sleek LED DRLs merging with the humanity line and headlamps mounted on the lower portion of the bumper. On the sides, the Garuda is long enough to meet the standards set by other limousines on sale. It gets the Indian flags mounted on the front fenders and the national emblem on the C-pillars. The alloy wheels get a nice 26-spoke design. Moving towards the rear, the tail lamps are connected to each other and have a really nice glow pattern that has been depicted with paint.

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Tata Garuda Presidential Limousine Was Showcased At Auto Expo 2020

The Garuda's design is inspired from Tata's Impact 2.0 design language.

In keeping with the Impact 2.0 design language, the matte-black paint of the roof features Tata’s signature tri-arrow pattern, which was first seen on the H5X concept. Painted in the Indigo-blue colour, the Garuda shouts out nationalism. The designers revealed the car’s interior will be carved out of transparent wood and Tasar Silk. Since Garuda is still in scale model iteration, there’s no clue about what power plant it would come with. However, the car was surely catching attention as it had an imposing stance and deserved all the thumbs up to make its way to the production line. 

In fact, we feel that the Garuda could be the perfect chariot for PM Modi. It may be noted that the current PM used his armoured Mahindra Scorpio to reach the swearing-in ceremony. Later, he started using an armoured BMW 7-Series and later replaced it with the Range Rover Sentinel. He has been also seen using a Toyota Land Cruiser on various occasions.

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