Tata Harrier Off-Road Version Looks Stunning In This Rendering

by Mohammed Burman | 14/03/2019
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The Tata Harrier is already well-known for its beautiful appearance. In the latest rendering, this Tata flagship SUV has been imagined in an off-road avatar

Based on the OMEGA platform borrowed from the Land Rover’s D8, which also supports numerous SUVs in the world, The Tata Harrier SUV has greater dimensions than its rivals. It bears some resemblance to the Land Rover Discovery Sport such as long 2,741 mm wheelbase which gives a bold stance to both of the SUVs. However, several features have been simplified for expenses reduction.

At launch, the 5-seater SUV was introduced strictly with an FWD system since the home-grown automaker has intended to position it competitively in the price range from INR 12.69 lakh to INR 16.25 lakh. However, due to the customers’ demands for a Harrier with better off-road capabilities, Tata has confirmed to introduce an AWD version soon.

2019 Tata Harrier orange front angular left

The Tata Harrier is currently an FWD vehicle but it is expected to receive an all-wheel drive system soon

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The recently customized Tata Harrier which gets a two-tone paint scheme with a black roof and alloy wheels done by a dealership and another one which gets a black overall paint scheme showcased on the Harrier official website prove the great customization potential of this SUV. Moreover, with such great dimensions, the Harrier SUV has enormous potentialities to be customized into an off-roader.

Recently, Desi Geek Youtube channel, which is the owner of numerous auto renderings, has showcased the creativity in the rendering of the off-road version of the Tata Harrier. The imagined vehicle perfectly fits in well with the original Impact Design 2.0 design philosophy of the Harrier. Firstly, let's have a look at the modification process of the off-road Tata Harrier.

TATA HARRIER new design | off-roading modification | YSD

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Overall, the car gets a yellow-and-orange dual-tone paint scheme and a bonnet which is not so shiny. Coming to the details, the front gets total alteration with a brand-new scrub plate with attached tow hooks. The bumper looks more attractive with the two big yellow off-road lights. A black snorkel and large side steps have been added to improve the Harrier’s practicality and appearance. Black auxiliary lights are equipped on the top of the black roof to give the vehicle a more robust looking. The car also comes with more off-roading more-than-34-inches tyres which are sourced from Ford Raptor F-150.

The rendered off-road version of the Tata Harrier looks so impressive that it makes us so excited about the off-road Tata Harrier production model. But for now, let’s look forward to the AWD version, an AT gearbox, a petrol engine and a 7-seater cabin layout of the Tata Harrier which will be introduced soon in the foreseeable future. 

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