Tata's SAFETYFIRST: How To Keep Your Car SAFE Amidst Lockdown

by Harish Kumar | 12/05/2020
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Tata Motors has launched its SAFETYFIRST initiative that provides some useful tips to keep the car well-maintained amid lockdown.

The Coronavirus pandemic seems to be worse and worse these days and there’s no sign of slowing down in the number of infected cases. The Government of India has ordered an extension to the nationwide lockdown until May 17 along with a lot of preventive measures for people to safeguard themselves inside their homes. What’s about their cars? Under Tata’s new SAFETYFIRST Initiative, Tata Motors has shared some simple yet useful tips for one to take care of their cars amidst the lockdown.

As shared by Tata Motors, the car’s owners should always take a handful of measures to maintain their vehicles at home. Firstly, when the cars are not in use for some weeks, the battery might be completely depleted and the engine of the car could be affected badly. Tata advises owners to keep the battery charged by starting the car once every week.

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Furthermore, it is also advisable that you park your vehicle in a safe spot in your garage, house or your residential area. Since the interior components might be malfunctioned if they are not serviced regularly, make sure that these parts are in working condition.


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If the car is in park mode for a continued period, kindly avoid using handbrake as it could jam the brake of the car. Settle the vehicle in gear or use tyre stoppers are highly recommended. Also, you’d better move the cars forwards or backwards to maintain the mobility of the vehicle. Your car shouldn’t be kept immobile for so long and it also causes flat patches on the tyres.

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Additionally, customers should keep the fuel tank of the car full to avoid moisture from immersing inside, all the ways to reduce the influence of changing weather on your beloved vehicle. For the sake of hygiene, one needs to clean the interiors and other parts of the car with a sanitizer periodically.


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Regular inspection of the interior parts like the steering wheel is much required. Use vacuum cleaners for the parts like mats and floor carpets. Keep the door handles and windows clean by using a disinfectant. The wiper arms of the car should be in uplifted position as well. Remember to cover the car to protect it from external factors like dust or dirt. Be safe and stay clean to fight against the virus.

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