Tata Nexon Owner Issued Challan For Illegal Parking Of A Hyundai Creta With Same Registration

by Kshitij Rawat | 24/02/2020
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In a recent case, a resident of Pune has received an eChallen for illegal parking of 'his' Hyundai Creta. The catch is that the guy owns a Tata Nexon

Since the Motor Vehicles [Amendment] Act 2019 has come into effect, there has been a surge in the ticketing of traffic violations all across India. There, however, has been an increase in incorrect fining as well. There have been multiple cases of people receiving challans for violations they haven’t committed or have been wrongly accused of by the police, like the case with this Tata Nexon owner.

Taxa Nexon fined for wrongly parked Hyundai Creta

The Tata Nexon (above, left) sports the real number-plate, the Hyundai Creta (above, right) has a fake one

Vellabh Zende, a resident of Pune, received a challan for parking his car in a ‘No Parking’ zone. There were two things wrong with this scenario. Firstly, his car was at the service centre for routine maintenance. Secondly, the challan was for a Hyundai Creta, whereas Vellabh owns a Tata Nexon! Upon further investigation, he discovered that the Creta was driving around with fake number-plates, with his Nexon’s registration number.

 Here’s Vellabh’s original post:

I was curious to know that who parked it in No parking zone because my car was picked up in the morning for regular service....I clicked on the image in the eChallan and I was shocked.

The vehicle number is the same but the vehicle was different

Then it took 4 hrs to address this issue to Pune traffic police as no one was responding on telephone....had to travel from local traffic police office to Faraskhana traffic office where the challan was generated and then had to travel to city traffic collector office at Yerwada for submitting the proofs and application.

I was surprised to know from police that they received more than 200 complaints.

eChallan will get cancelled eventually within 3-4 days but many questions remains unanswered

1. Will these people get punished?

2. What about the suffering to the people?

3. What if any criminal acts had happened?

4. Why couldn't the police cross-verify number with the vehicle details when they already have it?

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To address the issue, Vallabh then approached his local traffic police office. That wasn’t any help, as he was then redirected to the traffic office at Faraskhana, where the eChallan had been issued. The traffic collector then asked him to appear later with proof at Yerwada station with proof.

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Now that traffic police has been actively chasing perps, a lot of such cases have popped up all over the country. To evade the consequences of breaking traffic laws, a lot of people resort to such ill measures. Apart from that, sometimes there is an error on the system's part, which leads to incorrectly generated fines. Last year, in October, Delhi police had withdrawn fines worth Rs. 1.5 Lakh as they were wrongly issued.

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