Here's a Tata Nexon with Pop-up Type Sunroof

by Yatharth Singh Chauhan | 08/03/2020
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While the Tata Nexon received an electric sunroof for the top trim of the recently launched facelift, one can even get an affordable aftermarket unit installed to make his or her car look cooler

Sunroofs have suddenly become all the rage, with even affordable models offering this feature at least on the top-end trims. Until recently, this accessory of rather questionable practicality was found only on costly cars. However, today, the entire lineup of sub-4-metre compact SUVs, with the exception of the Maruti Vitara Brezza, offers a sunroof at least on the top-end trim. The latest to have joined this bandwagon s the Tata Nexon, which features a cool electric sunroof on the top-spec trim. 

Here's a Tata Nexon with Pop-up Type Sunroof

The Webasto Hollandia 100 pop-up type manual sunroof costs Rs 15,000 (inclusive of installation) and can be installed on any car on sale in the country. 

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However, owners of the pre-facelift or the lower variants of the Tata Nexon can be often seen resorting to an aftermarket fitment of the sunroof. The Etna Orange Nexon seen above is one such example. The owner of this vehicle has fitted a Webasto Hollandia 100 pop-up type sunroof to his vehicle. This manual unit can be opened or closed using a simple lever. The highlight of this accessory is its price point, which, at Rs 15,000 (inclusive of installation), makes it easily accessible to many. While it takes just a few hours to install this accessory, it requires cutting off a part of the roof. However, as it's a manual-type sunroof, there's no need to fiddle with the electricals. 

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Webasto assures its customers that the glass used on this accessory offers protection from UV radiation and even prevents the cabin from getting heated up from the sun rays. Also, one can easily remove the glass portion simply in case he or she wants to. This sunroof can be installed on any car on sale in the country. Moreover, this sunroof is even a part of the official accessories list of the Nexon. 

However, as we mentioned, the practicality of a sunroof is highly questionable in a country like ours, where the weather remains extreme almost all year long. That said, installing this accessory does give the vehicle a sporty look. Still, one is required to know that installation of a sunroof alters the structure of the roof, which, in turn, can disturb the structural rigidity. Hence, in an unfortunate event of a roll-over, the protection offered by the roof might be compromised. 

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