Toyota Becomes The Hero Of The Bangalore Airshow Fire-Affected Customers

by Mohammed Burman | 26/02/2019
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To somewhat alleviate the damage caused by the fire, which recently broke out at the Bangalore Airshow parking lot, Toyota Kirloskar Motor is offering special services to the customers who had their cars damaged by the fire.

 A fire occurred at the Bangalore Airshow parking lot on February 23, shocking the whole nation. Although there were no injuries or casualties and the accident transpired quite far from the main venue, widespread property loss has been reported. As estimated, up to 278 cars were totally destroyed, 73 other vehicles were partially damaged in the fire. The airshow was delayed but resumed in the afternoon. In an effort to help the customers whose cars have suffered serious damage from the fire, Toyota Kirloskar Motor is offering special services.

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vehicles damaged in Bangalore Airshow fire

As many as 300 vehicles were totally destroyed and 73 vehicles partially damaged in the Bangalore Airshow fire

Toyota customers whose cars got damaged by the fire can dial 08066293001 or 180042500001 to contact Toyota Assistance Centre to receive the assistance from the insurance wing of the company on-the-spot. Toyota insurance wing will be present at the incident from 8:30 AM. The customers who want to receive help from the insurance wing are required to bring their evidence of identity to authenticate themselves. Moreover, the chassis number would be used to identify the damaged vehicle as the registration papers might have been destroyed by the fire with the car. Moreover, Bangalore Airshow fire-affected customers can also make conference calls with Toyota Bangalore Customer Relation for special supports like towing or insurance inspection, etc.  A statement has been published by Toyota, stating,

“In the wake of the unfortunate incident that occurred at the parking lot, Toyota Kirloskar Motor would like to reach out to their customers. On-site assistance through our Insurance arm will start at 8.30 AM at incident site and conference call with concerned Bengaluru Dealers Customer Relations for any coordination like Insurance inspection or special towing assistance etc.”

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The fire Accident in Bangalore air show

There are some lessons that cars owners can draw from the fire accident.

  • Do not park cars in an area with tall dry grass close to hot sources

Although the unfortunate accident was previously associated with a cigarette thrown on the dry grass, now, it has been suggested that the fire broke out as a consequence of the tall and dry grass close to many hot exhaust pipes of many cars. Various other cases have been reported in which tall dry grass caused huge fires. So avoid parking cars in places where there is tall dry grass close to hot sources.

Bangalore Airshow fire

The fire has been suggested to be caused by the tall dry grass close to the cars' hot exhaust pipes

  • Take full insurance coverage for the cars

It is never known what would happen to your cars, so it is highly recommended that you take full insurance cover for your cars, which will pay for all the damage. For people whose cars do not have comprehensive insurance cover, the fire must have done huge financial damage to them.

This initiative put forward by Toyota can show that the company pays attention to its after-sales services offered to its customers, which can help reinforce its prestige with the Indian auto buyers. Toyota sets a good example for other auto manufacturers to follow in terms of well catering to customers who actually are in need of help. It is advisable that other car makers would follow Toyota, providing help for customers whose cars have suffered from huge damage from the fire.

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