Check Out Toyota Fortuner Engaged in a Tug of War with an old Land Rover Defender

by Kshitij Rawat | 14/04/2020
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What happens when you pit a modern SUV like a Toyota Fortuner against a legendary off-roader like the old Land Rover Defender? Keep reading to find out!

Toyota Fortuner is the best-selling midsize SUV in India and is also one of the most capable ones out there. The car was introduced to India in 2009, got a minor facelift in 2012, and received a generation change in 2016. A new generation model is already in the works, to ensure that the Fortuner remains fresh and appealing to the customers. That said, there is a certain charm in old-school SUVs, like the classic Land Rover Defender. Along with looks, the Defender also has tremendous capability off the road. So how do these two SUVs compare against each other?

Toyota Fortuner vs Land Rover Defender Tug of War

Toyota Fortuner vs Land Rover Defender - Tug of War

Here, we have a video of a Land Rover Defender and a Toyota Fortuner, battling it out in an unusual manner, a Tug of War! It was uploaded on Gagan Jassar on his YouTube channel by the same name. The video is a short and simple comparison between a modern SUV and a classic one.

Land Rover Defender vs Toyota Fortuner | Gagan Jasser

As can be seen in the video above, we can see the Fortuner struggling to pull the Defender. All the four wheels of the Toyota spin uncontrollably, struggling to gain traction. In contrast, the Land Rover stays calmly in one spot while its competitor struggles, and then manages to pull it clean in one simple tug.


Land Cruiser Prado-inspired Toyota Fortuner (Facelift) Imagined Digitally

The Fortuner used in the video is the first generation model with a 4-wheel-drive system. There were two engine options on offer here- a 2.5-litre diesel (142 PS/343 Nm) and a 3.0-litre diesel (169 PS/360 Nm). The former was only available with a rear-wheel-drive system, which means the one used in this video was a 3.0-litre model. Toyota is all set to introduce the next-generation model in 2021, and a few pictures have already leaked online!


All-New Land Rover Defender Steals The Show In James Bond’s ‘No Time To Die’

The Land Rover Defender in the video is the four-door ‘110’ version. Although it may look like a vehicle from the early 90s, Land Rover kept this archaic design in production till 2016! The most-popular engine on offer was a 2.2-litre diesel motor with 122 PS and 360 Nm. Land Rover has recently launched the 2020 Defender in India, and it has shed its utilitarian look for a more modern design.

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