Toyota, Volkswagen and Skoda January Discount On Toyota Yaris, Skoda Rapid And More

by Vivaan Khatri | 21/01/2019
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In January, various car manufacturers have come up with their discount offers. Let’s see the detailed new-year discount scheme of Toyota, Skoda and Volkswagen here.

The upcoming weeks will be brimming a host of a new car to be launched. With many new cars to enter to market, it will surely shake up the scene a bit. And before the new models storm into the market, automakers will push up the sales forward by introducing new offers and discount. Here we will look into the discount scheme offered by Skoda, Volkswagen and Toyota.

1. Skoda

Skoda will offer decent discount across its range, from the more affordable Rapid to the higher trims of Octavia, Superb and Kodiaq. Here are the detail offers for each car:

Skoda Rapid

In Skoda Rapid, customers are offered with up to Rs. 75,000 discount along with a 4-year warranty. In the total number of Rs 75,000, there is Rs 50,000-worth exchange bonus, and the other Rs 25,000 comes as the loyalty bonus. This car is the lowest-priced car in the Skoda’s portfolio in India market. If you want to enjoy European quality, the car is worth your investment.

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Skoda Rapid red on road

Skoda Rapid is the most affordable model in Skoda's range in India

Skoda Octavia 

Skoda Octavia comes with up to Rs. 25,000 discount in January, plus a 4-year warranty. With the Octavia, Skoda will skip on the exchange bonus offer and instead only provide the loyalty bonus of Rs 25,000. This car recently priced at 15.99 to 27.0 lakh. Excellent driving comfort and superior interior are what you will get when buying this car. Its top-spec RS variant is the most favoured among the car enthusiasts. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hand on the wheel of an Octavia.

Skoda Octavia front look

Skoda Octavia receives up to Rs 25,000 discount this month

Skoda Superb

Rs. 50,000 discount is offered on Skoda Superb, all of which is offered under loyalty bonus. Besides, a 4-year warranty is also included on the discount offer. The Superb is a shiny, premium sedan that excels with outstanding interior quality. It is recently sold at a price starting at 23.99 going up to 33.49 lakh.

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Skoda Superb angle look on road

Skoda Super offers the total discount of Rs 50,000

Skoda  Kodiaq 

Skoda Kodiaq is proposed with Rs 50,000 loyalty bonus and a standard 4-year warranty. The Kodiaq is the latest model launched by Skoda in India. The car features upmarket equipment and good looking design.

Skoda Kodiaq front angle look

Skoda Kodiaq's customers get Rs 50,000 loyalty benefit along with a 4-year warranty

2. Toyota

On Toyota’s long list of models, there are two vehicles to include in the January discount offer.

Toyota Yaris 

Toyota Yaris is launched to compete with the sedan segment, rivalling the Ciaz or City. Despite being well-equipped and stylishly-designed, the Yaris could not live up to its expectation. To attract customers, Toyota has decided to run a discount scheme on the Yaris with the total discount of Rs 92,000, in which, Rs 42,000 cash discount along with Rs 20,000 exchange bonus and the rest is from corporate discount.

Toyota Yaris red color front look

Toyota Yaris is a well-equipped car that is on discount this month

Toyota Etios

The second models to receive discounts this time around is Toyota Etios. The Etios is one of the entry-level models in Toyota’s line-up. Added with the recent discount, it will be a real deal to get a decent sedan like the Etios. In January, Toyota Etios will be offered with up to Rs 30,000 discount.

Toyota Etios front angle look upward red color

Toyota Etios is offered with a Rs 30,000 discount in January

3. Volkswagen

The Volkswagen will go hard with the discount offer. On the Polo, Ameo and Vento, all will get 10 per cent discount right on the ex-showroom price, along with 4-year warranty, and 4-year roadside assistance and three free services on the first year.

Volkswagen Polo

On the Polo, besides the mentioned offer, the customer could also benefit with additional exchange bonus and loyalty bonus. The hatchback is recently sold at the starting price of 5.55 lakh. Only the 2018 models are included in the discount scheme.

volkswagen polo

Besides 10% cash discount, the Polo also offers exchange bonus and loyalty bonus

Volkswagen Ameo

Volkswagen Ameo is a sub-4-meter sedan. Having the most powerful engine in its class, yet the Ameo could not gain an according to success. Just like the Polo, the Ameo also comes with an exchange bonus and loyalty bonus this month.

Volkswagen Ameo

Volkswagen Ameo is a powerful option in the segment, available with an appealing discount this month

Volkswagen Vento

The last one on the list is the Volkswagen Vento. This Sedan will also be given the same feature list as in the Polo or Ameo.

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