Volkswagen India Fined Rs 171 Crore For Dieselgate Scandal

by Harish Kumar | 16/01/2019
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The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has come to a final decision that Volkswagen will be fined Rs 171 Crore for its emission scandal, marked as the “conservative” fine for health cost in India.

The Volkswagen Group is not solely famous for its celebrated luxury vehicle but also its countless scandals across many international markets. The automotive corporation has been criticised a lot for its Dieselgate scandal in many nations and the NGT in India has asked the company to pay Rs 171 Crore for the permanent damage to the general health of the Indian people caused by its toxic emissions far exceeding the permitted standards.

Volkswagen car, gases released

The company is found guilty of cheating everyone by a software fitted on its diesel vehicles

Few years after we found how we were cheated by Volkswagen, the final announcement has been made by the NGT panel today. The German automotive company has to take all charge for intentionally equipping the diesel engine with “cheating device” in its diesel vehicles’ emission tests. It’s done on purpose of passing the strict emission standards released in the US and brings in colossal impacts to the environment as well as the health of people in every country where those diesel cars come up to. The cheating engines were found causing serious pollution up to 40 times higher than normal standard with the emitting Nitrous Oxides (NOx) in real-time testing.

VW's TDI engine

This is one of the biggest infringements of Volkswagen over the markets

According to the Indian Express’s report on December 24, 2018, the VW diesel vehicles were estimated to release 46.678 tons of NOx in the domestic market in 2016. The capital city- Delhi was used as a base to calculate the impacts and the amounts that VW must charge on the basis of additional NOx discharged to the environment. The NGT panel also revealed that the increasingly higher concentrations of N02 in the air leads to the long-term hazards of getting asthma and increase the possibility of getting respiratory infections. It is a source of forming smog or acid rain as well when NO2 emissions come to react with the atmosphere. Besides, the toxic gases also compose to the particulate matter and ground-level ozone which negatively influence people’s health.

The Rs 171 Crore penalty is the figure of estimated treatment costs, disability-adjusted life spans and some other related expenses from the WHO. Some reports showed that there are about 3.27 lakh Volkswagen  Group’s cars with the cheat software were sold in the Indian market, in which consists of some legendary brands like  Volkswagen, Porsche, Skoda and Audi, etc.

Like in India, Volkswagen Group is currently confronted with the massive charges in the Canadian and American automotive markets. The corporation has just agreed to pay 2.8 billion dollars to an environmental trust. NGT has mentioned the similar case of VW group in the USA in their newest report and also presented that its final penalty was calculated on human health damages only and it was not sufficient to consider the overall impacts of the VW group’s diesel vehicles in the Indian environment.

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