Volkswagen India - the Hero of Kerala Flood-affected Customers

by Mohammed Burman | 20/08/2018
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Free roadside support packages and reductions in the repair cost for flood-caused damage are some of the initiatives of Volkwagen India to support the customers affected by the flood in Kerala.

Kerala floods

People in Kerala have never experienced such a terrible flood as the Kerala in almost one century. Although South West monsoon showers started on May 28, the second spell of non-stop rains which reached the state on August 8 induced the floods.

Enormous damage to this pitiful state has been reported. Properties and crops worth more than Rs 8000 crore have been lost; 1000 relief camps have been erected to house homeless people; 14 districts have been put on Red alert; the death toll has reached more than 100, etc.

Support to people in Kerala has been provided by various major auto brands including Volkswagen.

Flooded car with people around

Kerala floods are one of the most terrible cases of floods in India

Volkswagen India becomes the hero in the heavy flood

Special services and discounts for customers affected by the flood will be provided by Volkswagen India. To be more specific, free roadside assistance to help customers tow their cars to the local service centers will be offered. They can also be supported and facilitated on the way to get their car to the service stations by dialling 1800 102 1155 or 1800 419 1155 for free. Engineers in Volkswagen India have been trained to take care of the sources and maintenance of essential car parts. They hold responsible for supervising the situations of all vehicle repaired to reduce the regrettable mistakes in terms of quality and take actions whenever necessary.

Volkswagen car dark blue color font look nature background

Volkswagen India will supply kind support to flood-affected customers 

Mr. Steffen Knapp, Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars commented about the special supports:

“At Volkswagen, customers are always at the centre of our initiatives. With the state of Kerala experiencing torrential rains and waterlogging causing heavy damage to the vehicles, we have taken special measures to ensure customers receive a prompt response to their service requirements. Our team of highly experienced professionals at our dealer partners in Kerala: EVM Group and Phoenix group are working round the clock to ensure quality and timely service in order to bring the situation back to normal.”

With the great support provided by Volkswagen India, it is expected that people in Kerala will soon overcome one of the most terrible floods in the history. The actions of the brand have reinforced its prestige and popularity with Kerala people.

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