Volkswagen MotorSport India Introduces VW Polo-based Model With Rear Engine

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Volkswagen MotorSport has built a rally car dubbed Polo RX out of the normal Polo hatchback. This model gets a rear-mounted engine along with various mechanic modification.

To celebrate its tenth year in the India market, Volkswagen Motorsport India has introduced a brand new vehicle named Polo RX Winter Project Car. The Winter Project part indicates that this model was constructed during the company's winter break. Built on the current Polo, the Winter Project car features a rear-mounted turbocharged engine.

Volkswagen Polo RX Winter Project Car

The Polo RX Winter Project Car is packed with a rear-mounted engine, offering higher driving dynamics

Developing a circuit-running car from an ordinary hatchback is, according to Volkswagen Motorsport, something different and innovative from what they have been done. Volkswagen Motorsport has borrowed the 1.8-litre TSI engine from Ameo Cup Car to power the Polo RX. This engine is able to reach the maximum power of 250 bhp; however, on entering the Polo RX, the output is lowered to 210bhp as to make a compromise between power and reliability. The transmission duty is done by a sequential gearbox that features paddle shifters

When drafting the Polo RX, Volkswagen Motorsport team has to tackle various mechanical issues, notably how to arrange the powertrain system efficiently at the rear. The rear-mounted engine is regularly seen in high-performance cars, mostly in luxury sports cars. Integrating such a setting to a hatchback-based model is deemed to be a tough assignment.  The intercooler unit of the motor is tucked under the rear seat while the fuel tank is moved to the front end to free up space for the motor. On the other hand, the ductwork is taken seriously to make sure the airflow could reach the rear-located engine. In favour of the new engine setting, changes are updated on the suspension and new wiring harness routing is adopted.

Volkswagen Polo RX Winter Project Car rear side

Changes will be adapted to allow the car to participate in real motorsport

With a rear-mounted engine, the car will gain more driving dynamics, more control over how it handles on the track, generally, something that makes it rally-car-material. While applauding the team’s hard work and effort in creating the Polo RX.Sirish Vissa, Head, Volkswagen Motorsport India, also revealed that this project was developed within three weeks and with limited resources 

Nevertheless, the Polo RX Winter Project Car is unqualified to join Volkswagen Motorsport’s official rally line-up. As to make the new vehicles feasible for motorsports, minor changes will be added soon.

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