Volkswagen to Stop Production of Iconic Beetle in 2019

by IndianAuto Team | 18/09/2018
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Volkswagen has recently announced to stop making the Beetle car next year. This could make an end for nearly seven decades of production in North America.

On Thursday, Volkswagen had claimed that they would stop producing its Beetle compact car globally in 2019. 

Beetle car yellow direct front look

Beetle compact car is claimed to stop producing globally in 2019

This also means that the automaker will end the global production of the third-generation bulbous bug which will take place in the time of July, next year after offering two special editions for sale.

The compact Beetle was the first time launched in Germany in 1938. At that time, it immediately emerged as a symbol of utilitarian transportation which often used by hippies. After about 30 years selling, an iconic car was stopped producing in 1979 in the U.S. The last of the original bugs was produced in Puebla, Mexico, in 2003.

the list evolution of Beetle car in a tweet

The compact Beetle was the first time launched in Germany in 1938

Regardless of production discontinuation, the New Beetle was used to be a hit during its early years. The sales number of more than 80,000 cars rolled out in the United States in 1999 had marked the record. 

As for the current stage, Volkswagen sold 11,151 sales unit of Beetles in total within the first eight months of 2018. This number is down 2.2 percent from the same period a year earlier. Apparently, the U.S. consumers expected for a small Volkswagen vehicle overwhelmingly prefer the Jetta sedan or a Tiguan compact sports utility vehicle.

a man next to Volkswagen Beetle red color

A Volkswagen car enthusiast stands next to a vintage Volkswagen Beetle car in Bangalore, India, on June 24, 2018

In spite of stopping producing the Beetle, the automaker claimed to add two special models in the final lineup which are Final Edition SEL and Final Edition SE in the United States and would offer the driver-assistance technology.

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