New Website Allows You To Bargain For Best New Car Deals

by Vivaan Khatri | 08/11/2020
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This new website allows car buyers to find good discounts from dealers around their areas. Check out to see how you can benefit from this new platform.

As a customer, we always try to get a discount whenever possible. No matter how little we can save, it always feels like an achievement to buy something at a lower price than the actual cost. The same is also true for bigger purchases like cars. Recently, a new website which allows you to find the best car deals out there was launched. Rowthautos is claimed to be the world’s platform for the first new car bargain.


On this platform, users can bargain discounts and compare offers from different dealers in their respective areas to find the most suitable and attractive deal. In addition to the bargain function, the website also allows customers to book a new car of any brand and model online. You can have your new car delivered to your front door without ever leaving your house.


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At the moment, the service of Rowthautos is available in only 11 states in North India. The venture has worked and onboarded over 12,000 authorized dealerships across its area. It is on the company’s plan to expand its activity across the country by the end of this financial year.


Raavish Dahuja, Co-founder of RowthAutos, introduced the business model of the website as a platform that “enables users to get the best-bargained deals on new cars”. He explained, “All you have to do is choose your preferred new car on Rowthautos & let us bargain on your behalf with all car dealers. You will start getting the best-bargained offers in no time from all dealers of your region and without disclosing your identity. Just compare the bargained offers of all an authorized new car dealers sitting at home, select the deal suited you the best and book your car online.  The authorized new car dealer will immediately contact you to complete the delivery formalities as per your convenience.”


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When you buy a car in a traditional way, it is very time-consuming and complicated to bargain and compared discount offers from different dealers. Most car buyers knew it well that in order to save money, you will have to spend extra time. However, by using RowthAutos, you can do the same on one click. It will be much easier to find the best car deal. Thanks to the new platform, you can have the best of both worlds, saving money and saving time.

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