What's New on the India-Launched Maruti Suzuki WagonR Limited Edition?

by Mohammed Burman | 11/10/2018
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The 2018 WagonR Special Edition has been launched by the Indian largest automaker, Maruti Suzuki with some cosmetic changes.

In the period around the festive season, sales for cars usually rocket. It is also the chance for automakers to boost their sales with the launch of the limited editions of their current models. Tata recently revealed the Nexon Kraz; Hyundai released the Verna Anniversary; what about the Indian largest automaker, Maruti Suzuki?

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Maruti Wagon R 2018 Review

In order to catch the attention and satisfy the ever-changing demands of Indian WagonR’s buyers, Maruti Suzuki has launched the special edition of the WagonR. Being a limited edition, it remains the unchanged engine and transmission, being powered by a 1.0-litre petrol/dual fuel engine ((petrol and CNG) with three cylinders paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox or AMT.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Limited Edition blue colour running on the road

The Maruti Suzuki WagonR Limited Edition is powered by the same engine as the regular model

However, it comes with several styling tweaks from inside out. The additional package is offered only on the L and V variants, but not on the V+ one.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Limited Edition’s refreshed exterior sports newly-designed body decorations and a redesigned rear spoiler, both of which contribute to the premium look of the new vehicle.

 Maruti Suzuki WagonR limited edition body and rear spoiler

Thanks to the tweaks to the exterior, the Maruti Suzuki WagonR  Limited Edition has a premium appearance

As regards the interior, the limited edition of the Maruti WagonR is equipped with a styling cutting-edge kit of features such as

  • Double-din Pioneer music system with which Bluetooth phone and speakers are integrated

  • Reverse parking sensors

  • New cover for the driving wheel

  • Floor covers

  • Fashionable seat covers with brand-new beige and black mixture of colour tones with neon orange highlights

  • A premium set of cushion

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Limited Edition interior

Maruti Suzuki WagonR limited edition is equipped with a wide range of advanced features

The new limited edition of the WagonR is priced at Rs 15,490 for the L variant and Rs 25,490 for V variant. It is slightly cheaper than expected for all the new features it has got.

Commenting on the launch of the WagonR Limited Edition, Mr. R. S. Kalsi, Senior Executive Director (M&S), Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said,

“WagonR customers have always valued substance and style; with this limited edition we intend to make this festive season even more wonderful for them.  With its tall boy design, driving comfort, spacious interiors and fuel efficiency, WagonR has always been amongst the top selling models for Maruti Suzuki. We are sure this new limited edition will bring in freshness to the product and excite the customers across India.”

WagonR has been being among the most best-selling cars for Indian auto customers. From April to September 2018 – 2019, more than 85,000 units of WagonR, helping it to stand in India’s most popular cars for months. More than 21.9 lakh WagonR units have been sold since it was launched in 1999, which proves its popularity. Approximately 24% WagonR buyers have purchased the car twice or more.

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