10 Car Mods That Drivers Should Use And 10 That Should Be Totally Avoided

by Harish Kumar | 19/04/2019
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Car mods have been an unofficially inevitable part of the automotive industry. Many people now take modifying their cars as a trend. There are a number of types of mods that can raise the value of a car but some others could be horrible to live with. Read on this article to see which one should be included or excluded from your wish list.

Modifying cars will be an obsession for not only most of the car owners but also for some who don’t get one in their garages. People started modifying the stock cars in the 1960s with the purpose of enhancing them physically and mechanically to make them stand out in a crowd. The Classic muscle cars from the 1970s are the father of modifications which has become a legend even before some exotic performance cars of today’s date. Stunning movies like Fast and Furious, Mad Max are spending millions of dollars for such amazing modified vehicles causing courtesy of the widespread popularity of car modifications throughout the nations.

The internet also plays a vital role in finding the parts which are suitable for selective car models and also there are plenty of tutorial videos to learn how to install them. These modifications look almost neat whereas some of them are, in fact, hindering the car’s performance and also spoils the original look. Here are some of the modifications which are being used by everyone and some of them only car fanatics will have done to their cars which is still a nightmare for most of us.

ECU tuning:

ecu tuning

Tuning from the internals makes your car's performance outstanding.

ECU shall be elaborately known as Engine Control Unit/ Electronic Control Unit. It is the most advanced and technical part of the car that controls both mechanical as well as electronic aspects. Since it is the advanced part, one should be strong enough in programming to retune the ECU through which one can extract maximum performance. Note that it is more useful and good for cars which are using the turbochargers or superchargers to intensely aid the torque output.

Headlight Upgrade:

headlight upgrade

Great Lights makes great vision on roads.

Upgrading a headlamp is now the most common thing that eight out of ten car owners tends to do as it is the easiest of everything to upgrade. Despite the fact that there are a handful of laws preventing us from making the headlamps so bright as they can blind other participants on the road, people still love to make their car's headlight shine better. True, upgrading to LED lights may help people to see further during the night time or under bad weather condition but do not need to set it so bright if you do want to delve deep into the pocket to pay the heavy fine.

Sway bars:


sway bars

When your car is fixed with Sway Bars, it is armoured.

Sway bars are mostly used in the cars which are being used in rally races or road tracks. It may also be helpful for SUV’s when driving through high terrain conditions. They lessen the shocks from the suspension while driving through bumps & potholes and also absorbs the energy while taking a corner at high speeds. Apart from these, they are also a strong steel member which provide more safety for vehicles as well as the passengers by absorbing the deformation made in the frame on the couple zone of the model. 

Seat upholstery:

cabin layout

Comfort is the main thing when you're upgrading seats.

While most of the car aficionados care about the exterior look, some people, on the other hand, want to enhance the quality of the interior. Upgrading to a leather seat or fabric as a design gives a more pleasant look inside the car as well as they provide comfort too. There are also some people, who completely remove the cushioning in the stock seat and remake it on their own making it an interesting side on car modifications.

Floor mats:


floor mats

If you thing mats don't play a high role, it collects all the dust from your car.

Floor mats are also the common thing that everyone would go for. It may look so simple that it's overlooked from time to time. However, such a tiny thing holds some great values. Floor mats catch all the dirt, dust and mud that come inside the car whenever we make an entry. Other than that, the floor mats with good design also help the interior looks better. Therefore, it's truly a stunningly effective car mod that one should take it as a must.

Wheel Rims:

wheel rims

Wheel rims are not only for aesthetic update it also helps in achieving high performance.

When it comes to exterior upgrades, a popularly known modification is wheel rims. Some car tuners tend to go too far when focusing on its classier look but neglecting the material, colour and size of the vehicle. Besides, the choice of wheel rims that we install in our car tells about our character. Some may prefer bold & muscular, some need sharp, diamond cut alloy rims. The best part of replacing the rims is that they make the car look completely different. Hence it's completely a must-have item of modification that every driver should think about.

Window tint:

window tint

Window tints are kind of essential when you're riding through Sun. But choose it for the purpose.

While some of the car owners prefer to use the window glass as it is provided, some may prefer adding a tint to it. Interestingly, it has a huge benefit for drivers when they're during the long drives. Tinting the window glasses helps the car to maintain a cooler environment in the inside but reducing the sunlight, not to mention the privacy it offers with. A thing is, users should know about the local laws since some regions place stringent rules on how much tint to be equipped with. A smart car tuner will resort to using reversible window tint that will not affect night driving.

Brake pads:

brake pads

More efficient brakes give more confidence on your drive.

Brake pads are one of the important things to be noticed before changing with the aftermarket parts as there are some poor qualities also available in the markets. Replacing the full brake set with the fluid makes much difference in a car’s performance. Keep in mind that never go for super-fancy brakes pad if you do not want those jam up a bit worse with your beloved vehicle.

Tire upgrade:

tire upgrade

Don't hesitate to spend your money on good tyres. At last, they can even save your life.

Tires are worth upgrading but we have to choose them wisely as there are various types of tires available for variable purposes. A good set of high-performance tires makes a lot of change in the car’s performance. When you’re ready to upgrade the tires, it is better to purchase two sets, one for the summer and dry roads and other for winter and wet roads.

Short shifts:

short shifts

It's always hard in the beginning. But once you get used to Short Shifts you'll never go stock again.

Most people may not have heard about what short shift is for and also the purpose of it too. Short shifters are generally used for quicker response in changing gears which require less time and effort and also in an effective way. It is difficult to master in using short shifters but once you get used to it, you will be much better and satisfying.



fibreglass, red car

Fibreglass can be moulded into any form we like. The thing is we have to consider safety on cars.

Fiberglasses are the worst modification part any car owners do and the reason is that they don’t offer much protection. Fiberglasses damage anything from the engine to balance to performance. Fiberglasses are cheap and let the user get into great trouble.

Wood parts:

wood parts

A touch up with wood makes an elegant look inside your car and make sure don't go too far with wooden interiors.

Using wooden parts in a car is an elegant treatment but only when it is used as a touching element. Some people tend to opt out their entire car’s interior and when it is done, it looks terrible. Try to make it as simple as possible when you’re adding wooden elements in your car.

Loud exhausts:

loud exhaust

Exhausts are the most common form of performance updates and sound is not the only thing that gives a performance.

Choosing the right exhaust for your vehicle from any authorized brand will be good for your car’s performance and also comes under the regulations of noise and pollution control. Some people may prefer louder exhaust from local brands that results not only in the lack of performance but also damages the life of the engine.

Pneumatic lift-up:

pneumatic lift up

Pneumatic lift-ups may seem to be a great feature from outside. But it spoils your car's underbody.

This one is not usually found in public but some car mod fanatics would have installed this feature. Higher the level from the ground will expose the internals that may look odd whereas, lowering develops more pressure on the engine and may also have chances of damage the underbody.

Fake air intakes:

fake air intakes

Use additional air intakes only where it is necessary.

Muscle cars and performance sedans can be found with fake air intakes easily on roads that sometimes help to make the engine performance get better. But having many fake air intakes may spoil the design of the car and also excessive air intake into the combustion chamber means there will be more fuel consumption too.

Lighting kits:

lighting kits

Lighting kits may look super cool. On the other side, you’ll get your battery drained on the go.

Making your car a spotlight in the public with multiple lighting kits in the underbody, interior and engine room is a dream for everyone which became more popular from the Fast and Furious movie franchise that was released a way back in the early 2000s.



Spoilers are not always used to enhance a car's look and there's a purpose behind it.

Spoilers become more popular when it was being used in old age muscle cars. It increases the downforce at high speeds to keep the vehicle on the road surface. A neat and simple spoiler at the back may help you achieve it and also looks cool mean too.

Scissor doors:

scissor doors, side angle

Scissor doors work well only if you have an exotic car in your garage. Simple car spoils the look of your money.

This kind of doors look cool and attractive that may also make people think like it got the treatment from Lamborghinis. Scissor doors may sometimes trouble you by not closing completely like the traditional swinging doors. Also, it doesn’t look blended for simple cars and it does nothing in the long run.

Structural Attachments:

structural attachments

Attaching a structural element is like making a car on your own and be careful on each and every step you take.

Modifying the body and the chassis is not a bad thing as some people convert their SUV’s into a pickup truck. These attachments if done right looks meaningful and if missed, it looks ridiculous in their size. One may also find issues while parking with that big structure.

Stance wheels:

stance wheels

Installing stance wheels are a complete waste of money that you spend on something not worthy of it.

Stance wheels are those things that we use to see only in the cartoons. This has become a new fad among car mads and it looks more annoying. Having stance wheels installed in the cars might end up with poor handling and it is a danger to drivers on the road if something happens. By using it for a long time, it may also harm the vehicle’s engine and power unit.

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