10 Dangerous Things On Indian Roads Everyone Should Be Aware Of

by Vivaan Khatri | 15/11/2019
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Indian traffic system is considered as one of the most dangerous one in the world. Here are 10 things that you must watch out for in order not to get into serious accidents.

Indian roads are dangerous, which is a fact. Even though a lot of money and effort has been invested to upgrade the road infrastructure in India, our traffic system is still one of the most dangerous in the world. There are multiple reasons that contribute to this worrying situation of the Indian traffic system. Some major courses are poor infrastructure, reckless driving attitude and traffic law offence. In order to reach a higher level of road safety, it is important to eradicate all the mentioned issues. However, before seeing any improvement, we, as traffic participants, need to set our guard high and watch out for the following 10 things that might cause serious accidents on road.

Poor roads full of potholes

Admittedly, potholes are regular signs on Indian roads. However, don’t you ever underestimate the potential danger of these normal potholes. The bad condition can even become worse especially when the rainy season hits our shore. A continuous flow of heavy vehicles along with the pouring rain can escalate the danger of potholes and turn them into a fatal flaw. Potholes can be highly dangerous since most vehicles, especially in the freeway. Vehicles running at high speed, which is regular in highway, tend to overturn when hitting such potholes. For that reason, you should pay close attention to the road surface to see if there is any pothole.

pot holes indian roads

Strange objects on the road

Just like with the potholes, the Indian roads also keep a great number of irregular objects on the road. It could be some stones, small or large, and even broken dividers. These objects can cause big trouble for these vehicles that accidentally hit them. Smaller objects can injure the tyres of the vehicles while larger objects can cause the car to flip over. Besides big potholes, drivers also need to watch out for such debris.

bad road in india

Broken-down cars parked on the sides of the road

Another cause for worry on India road can also come from the silence broken-down cars parked on the side of the road. When a car broke down, usually people will leave the car on the road without using any hazard lamps or the likes and wait until the car is fixed. Without any warning, other participants on the road might fail to notice the presence of stationary vehicles, which can cause serious accidents.

parked car on road

Stray animals

In India, the road is not for only human. In fact, we have to share the road with animals as well. It is not uncommon to see a herd of cattle lurking among other vehicles on the Indian roads. It is said that we should cohabit with other species on earth. However, things can be much complicated when it comes to the traffic environment. Each year, many cases are reported to be caused by stray animals. When the visibility reduces due to the foggy weather, the chance of getting hit by the wandering animal increases. These animals look innocent, however, their innocence is hiding a great threat to our road safety. Don’t overlook the seemingly harmless animals especially when you travel through the rural areas with dense popularity of cattle and pastures.

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cows on street

Vehicles with closed mirrors

Mirrors are essential for every vehicle partaking in the traffic. However, some people can see the need for using such a safety necessity. It is not rare to spot cars running on Indian road with closed outside rearview mirrors. These drivers solely trust on the rearview mirror installed inside the cabin without being aware that this mirror can’t really replace ORVMs which allow the drivers to see the broader view of the surrounding. By only looking at the inside rearview mirror, the driver is actually leaving a huge room for blind spots. So if you see any vehicle above your car is not using the wing mirrors properly, you should avoid them.

closed wing mirror


The tailgater is a classic type of drivers that you regularly meet on the road. Even though they have existed for the longest time ever, these people never fail to irritate others. Due to the insufficient distance between the tailgater and your vehicle, any sudden movement of your car can lead to a deadly car crash for occupants in both vehicles. In case you meet a tailgater, it is best to let them pass and save yourself before anything can happen.

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a car followed buy another car

High beam

Driving at night poses considerable danger. At night, the darkness is just one problem but the light also is also a cause for concern, especially when it comes to the use of the high beam light. For fear of the darkness, some drivers tend to switch to high beam in order to increase visibility. However, using high beam at night can dangerous for oncoming vehicles, especially on single-lane roads. Highbeam should be limitedly used on the multilane road with road divider and in the particularly dark area. In order not to blind the oncoming traffic, one should change into lower beam light when seeing an approaching vehicle.

white car with high beam light on

Cars running on the wrong side

In India, even some roads are claimed as one-way road, some drivers and motorists are willing to risk their life running on the wrong side of the road just to make a short cut. This treacherous driving behaviour causes many fatal accidents every year. Always keep your eyes on the road in case some fools try to interrupt by going on the wrong side of the road.

ride bike on wrong side of the road

Heavily-loaded vehicles

The heavily-loaded vehicles are always a threat to any drivers and motorists on Indian roads. And there are good reasons for why overloaded vehicles are terrifying. The heavy load of these vehicles means that the momentum can build up quickly especially at high speed. For that reason, the car has less stopping power and can easily go out of control. The lesson is that you should drive carefully if you drive in front of such overloaded vehicles. Hard brake should be avoided as there is a good chance that the car behind will crash into your vehicle.

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overloaded car in india


Driving under the rain can be tricky because of hydroplaning. The flowing water on the road surface can cause the tyre to lose traction. This becomes a worrying issue in Indian roads, especially during the rainy season. Wet road together with worn-out tyres, high speed can be a formula for disaster. To avoid hydroplaning, you have better drive at low speed and avoid using brake when driving through the wet surface. To be a better driver, here are some safety tips for driving in the rain.

hydroplaning car on road

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