10 Expensive Car Features That You Can Totally Avoid

by Mohammed Burman | 05/11/2019
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This article is going to list out 10 car features which are really exciting but are not really necessary and can be ignored by the auto buyers. Read on to discover.

Finding your favourite car is very difficult and choosing a suitable car variant once you have successfully chosen your car is even more challenging. Many car models today are offered with up to 10 variants which are different from each other by only a few features, which can confuse the car buyers as to which one they should opt for and which features are really worth the money. A better-equipped car is always better but are you willing to buy such an exorbitant car if your budget is limited. In this article, we have compiled 10 exciting car features which make your car much more expensive but somewhat not mandatory for your car.

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Automatic headlights

One of the common features of high-spec variants of modern cars nowadays is the automatic headlights which can automatically turn on when it senses that the outside is dark enough. This feature can cost an arm and a leg but is not necessarily compulsory. No sensor in this world is better than your eyes and manually turning on the headlamps does not pose any problems for us, right?

automatic headlights

Automatic headlights can automatically turn on when the sensor detects that the outside is dark enough.

Rain-sensing wipers

Like the automatic headlights, the rain-sensing wipers use a sensor which can detect the rain and automatically turn on the wiper. This is often charged a lot by automakers. Since turning on the wiper is really an easy task, you can avoid this and manually implement this when it rains.

rain sensing wipers

Since operating the rain wipers is a really easy task, the automatic units are avoidable features.

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Faux roof rails

Roof rails offer a feature which allows luggage carrier to be mounted to them. However, nowadays, SUVs or cars that look like SUVs are becoming more and more popular since the Indian auto buyers prefer the aggressive appearance and the amber cabin of this type of vehicles. As a result, many auto manufacturers offered the fake roof rails which do not serve any functions rather than making the car look more aggressive. These roof rails can cost you a huge amount of money which can be used for fuel-filling instead.

car roof rails

Roof rails on SUVs nowadays only serve decorative purposes.


Despite being in large demands, the sunroofs are, actually, useless, especially in India. The environment is heavily polluted and the climate is usually suffocated in India; therefore, a sunroof which is used to recycle the air inside the cabin when the weather is good is often of no use in the country. Instead, in India, many people use the sunroof to dangle out from it, which is really dangerous. Therefore, the sunroof is a really expensive and avoidable feature.

car sunroof

In such a polluting environment in India, sunroof is a useless feature.

Beige cabin paint scheme

The beige cabin paint scheme undeniably makes the car cabin look more premium and upmarket. However, it needs cleaning regularly; otherwise, it will quickly transform into an ugly dark shade. In such a contaminating environment in India, dark interior would always be highly recommended unless you can ensure that your car is cleaned on a regular basis.

beige car interior

The beige interior can be easily turned into an untidy one after the car is used in India for a short time.

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Touchscreen controls

The touchscreen controls certainly make your car feel more modern and upmarket. Nevertheless, while you are driving, operating such touchscreen controls can pose serious dangers for yourself. The reason is that unlike physical buttons which you can feel and easily operate, this type of button requires you to move your eyes from the roads to operate. So, avoid this feature to protect yourself at all costs.

capacitive controls

Operating the touchscreen control can pose serious dangers for you when driving

Voice commands

While voice commands are really amazing features which can help you do a lot of things but they are of little use in India due to many reasons which include the accent. After it fails to recognize your verbal commands for many times, you will realize that it is useless, stop utilizing it and even forget about its presence in the vehicle. Nevertheless, some modern cars, nowadays provide voice commands which can understand Indian accents. So, check this carefully before making a decision to buy a car with this feature.

car voice commands

You should check whether the car supports Indian accent recognition before investing in it.

Keyless start/stop push button

While starting your car without taking the key out of your pocket may seem fancy and cool, this feature might not be necessary. Nowadays, central locking is offered in most cars, which make using the key to start your vehicle a quite simple task. Moreover, keyless keys increase the chance of your car being stolen. Therefore, this feature should also be avoided.

keyless start stop push button

This feature increases the chances of your car being stolen.

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Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting uses hidden lights inside the car to light up the whole cabin. Despite being used to boost your mood, they are useless and cannot make you happy if you do not have much money. Moreover, it can become old quickly and you will regret your decision to invest in it after just a few months.

ambient lighting in car

Although this feature is aimed at boosting your mood, it might be counter-productive if you are on a limited budget.

Proximity sensors

Proximity sensors are of great use if the vehicles go on their right lanes on the roads. Unluckily, almost no such roads exist in India. If the proximity sensors are turned on in Indian roads, the alarm will keep sounding all the time, particularly on the congested roads. Therefore, this feature is greatly useful elsewhere but not in India.

proximity sensors

In such chaotic traffic like that in India, proximity sensors are almost useless.

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