2 Lamborghini Urus And 1 Huracan Got Caught For Violating Traffic Rules

by Mohammed Burman | 12/12/2019
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Recently a video has been released on the Internet, showing the  2 Lamborghini Urus And 1 Huracan got seized by the police for violating the traffic rules.

As the living standards in India have been increasing at a fast pace, you can easily catch sight of more luxury vehicles in the country. Actually, the recently launched Lamborghini Urus, the first modern SUV of Lamborghini, has become one of the top-selling ultra-luxury vehicles in the Indian auto market. Traffic police now supervise these vehicles very carefully and several high-end vehicles have been reported to be seized by the police for violating the traffic regulations. The most recent crackdown was in Karnataka where three Lamborghini cars got caught by the traffic police.

Firstly, let's have a look at the video.

RTO Officials Seize 3 Lamborghini Cars Near Attibele

The offence took place near Attibele in Karnataka. According to the report, the three vehicles belong to Hoysala Lamborghini in Bangalore. The cops stopped the cars for regular examining; none of them had paid the road tax and were all caught on the spot. 

The vehicle wore only temporary registration numbers, which shows that all of them were just delivered to a new state. It remains unknown whether they have been sold to the customers or still belong to dealerships. As revealed by the stickers on the cars, they seem to belong to the Bangalore – Ooty drive for Lamborghini GIRO. Many Lamborghini cars also participated in the event by passing through the roads and taking pictures of the caught vehicles while cops were recording videos. Now, all the seized vehicles are parked at RTO and how much money will the car owners have to pay to get them back has yet to be revealed.

lamborghini seized featured

The three caught vehicles are now kept at the RTO.

In the past, there have been several cases in which luxury vehicles were caught for not paying the road tax. This is not hard to understand since the road tax on luxury cars can be a great amount of money, not to mention the fact that Karnataka is one of the states which impose the heaviest road taxes on vehicles in India. Earlier, the Karnataka police officers and the RTO have implemented drives to catch the vehicles which are not registered in the state. There are many owners who have their cars registered in other states and drive the vehicles on the roads to save money.

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The Lamborghini Huracan in the incident has a price of at least INR 4.7 lakh. The two Lamborghini Urus costs about INR 3.7 crore each. This means that the total value of the three vehicles amounts to INR 12 crore, making this one of the biggest seizes by the RTO recently.

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