2020 BMW X6 Will Appear In Frankfurt With Wild Vantablack Paint Scheme

by Mohammed Burman | 03/09/2019
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The Vantablack cover over the BMW X6 absorbs over 90% visible light and totally removes reflection, making the SUV become the darkest black car in the world and look like a 2D object.

BMW has cooperated with Surrey NanoSystems and Levitation 29 to develop the first-ever Vantablack coated vehicle, the BMW X6, which will be displayed at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. Actually, it is the third-gen BMW X6, which has got the Vantablack cover to playfully conceal its new design instead of traditionally hiding cars with decals or camouflage.

bmw x6 vantablack side profile angle

The Vantablack coating serves as the playful alternative way to conceal the BMW X6 design instead of the traditiional ways.

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VANTA means Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array, which is actually a matrix made from carbon microscopic bits. Instead of reflecting light in the regular way that normal automotive coatings do, it absorbs the light which is then turned into heat. Therefore, the vehicle should not be left in the sun for so long.


The new-gen BMW X6 will be introduced under the Vantablack version. The paint has a bizarre effect on the X6 as it totally erases all the three-dimensional elements from the design of the SUV. Under the coating, the X6’s attractive side surfacing, aggressive rear liftgate and wavy hood have all gone under the black coat so looking at the car is like staring into a black void.

bmw x6 vantablack side profile angle

Looking at the Vantablack BMWX6 is just like stairing into a black void.

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The cover on the X6 helps conceal the curves and edges on the SUV’s body but it did reveal some of the features such as the Iconic Glow kidney grille, the twin headlamps and the prominent LED taillights. According to the founder of Surrey NanoSystems and Vantablack inventor, Ben Jensen, thanks to the 1% reflectance of the coating, the inspiring design language and the dominant, confident and masculine appearance of the third-gen BMW X6 are also highlighted.

bmw x6 vantablack front and rear

Though the edges and curves of the SUV are hidden, some of its features like the grille, the headlamps and the tail lamps are emphasized, thanks to the coating.

Initially developed as a coating for space-borne elements, Vantablack has been utilized to prevent light from the sun so that deep-space camera lenses can have better visibility at the faraway galaxies and stars. This creative Vantablack BMW concept model was originally the brainchild of Spokesperson for BMW X series, Christophe Koenig. Throughout the development process, the best creations have been brought about by Levitation 29 team and the designer of the X6, Hussein Al-Attar.

If you prefer cars with a black paint scheme, you will be soon disappointed since the German automaker is unlikely to provide the X6 production model with a Vantablack paint finish. Let’s imagine driving this vehicle, which would turn into a shadow on the roads, would be a serious challenge, especially at night.

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