2020 HM Contessa Electric Concept Digitally Imagined

by Kshitij Rawat | 24/05/2020
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Check out this digital sketch of a Hindustan Contessa, reimagined as a retro-styled electric vehicle.

Electric cars are slowly gaining popularity all over the world. Not only are EVs easier on the environment, but they offer better performance as well. Companies like Tesla and Fisker have been building electric luxury cars with performance comparable to sportscars! Now, to comply with EU emission regulations, other carmakers are also planning to add more new electric cars to their line-up. As for India, EVs aren’t really practical and would, therefore, take a lot of time to become mainstream. Still, there could be a way to makes EVs popular in our country – revive an old, iconic car in an electric avatar, like the Hindustan Contessa.

2020 HM Contessa Electric Concept Sketch | SRK Designs

The video above, posted by Shoeb R Kalania on his Youtube channel ‘SRK Designs’, shows us what the Hindustan Contessa EV could have looked like if it were real. The video begins with a plain sketch of the silhouette of a Contessa. After that, details are added to the car, like the sleek headlamps and taillamps, beautiful alloy wheels, etc. The car remains a four-door, five-seater, just like the original. The overall design manages to evoke nostalgia with its boxy design, while still looking slick and modern!

The Contessa is one of the most iconic and beautiful looking vehicles of the past era. Even though it was discontinued quite a while back, the car still has a cult following. There are plenty of examples in the used car market that are more expensive than many new cars in India right now! Some of these examples have been extensively modified into replica muscle cars, like old Ford Mustangs and Dodge Challengers.

Mindustan Motors Contessa Electric Car digital concept


Old is Gold: History of Hindustan Contessa

The Hindustan Contessa was based on the 1970s Vauxhall Victor. Although it never had a big, torquey V8 engine under the hood, the Contessa was also known as the muscle car of India, owing to its boxy, pony car looks. It was also one of the few rear-wheel-drive cars to be sold in India. Of course, it would be great to see this icon return. Purists might snub their noses at an electric car, but the performance gain might shut their mouths! We’d love to see this icon be revived in this way.

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