Interior of New-gen Honda City (Low Variant) Compared with Maruti Ciaz Delta

by Kshitij Rawat | 22/04/2020
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The 2020 Honda City (next-gen) is due for a launch in India. The car was expected to launch during the first quarter of 2020 but got delayed due to unfavourable conditions that have gripped the entire country

The new-generation Honda City is already on sale in select Southeast Asian markets, and we expect the India launch to happen in the coming weeks. The anticipation is quite high though, and people have been searching the web world for every available info on the car. Recently, some pictures of the lower trim of the 2020 Honda City, presumably not those of the India-spec model, surfaced online.

2020 Honda City vs Maruti Suzuki Ciaz - interior comparison

2020 Honda City interior (above) vs Maruti Suzuki Ciaz interior (below)

The image above shows the interior of the next-gen Honda City alongside the interior of a lower-spec Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. The Ciaz featured here is the ‘Delta’ variant, one trim above the ‘Sigma’ base trim. As the City in the image is not a top-trim variant, we decided to keep things fair by comparing to a low-level trim of the Ciaz.

India-bound 2020 Honda City, CIty Modulo & City RS Walkaround Video

In terms of similarities, both cars have an analogue instrument console with a multi-information display in the centre. None of these cars feature an infotainment system with a touchscreen unit, as this premium feature is reserved for the top-trim models only. Both cars have controls for the audio system mounted on the steering wheel. The City, however, misses out on cruise control, which is available in the ‘Delta’ trim of the Ciaz. This is the first noticeable difference.


All New Honda City Modified to Look Like a Race Car

The other significant difference is that while both have a dual-tone interior theme, the Honda has a darker colour palette than the Ciaz. The former uses a lot of grey on the dash, seats, and door panels, with a touch silver coming from the plastic inserts. The Ciaz also has grey on the dashboard, but the cabin is predominantly beige on the inside. Also, it has faux wood inserts in the dash.

Interior of New-gen Honda City (Low Variant) Compared with Maruti Ciaz Delta

Compared to the top-end grade, the low-spec model of the 2020 Honda City will have a basic 2-DIN audio unit that will support USB and Bluetooth. 

As pointed out above, the 2020 Honda City in these pictures is not an India-spec variant. However, the India-spec version is expected to be similar in most regards. At best, it could have a different colour theme for the cabin. Also, there will be some chanes in the features list as not all the equipment available abroad will be offered in our market. Comparing the cabins of the Maruti Ciaz and the Honda City, our first impressions is that of the latter being a more modern-looking vehicle, while the Ciaz looks a tad more upmarket owing to bits like a faux wood trim, beige colour tone and a larger MID. 

Source: Gaadiwaadi

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