This 2020 Hyundai Creta Preserves its Shine with Ceramic Coating

by Jatin Chhibber | 28/07/2020
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Here’s a brand new 2020 Hyundai Creta which jas got protected by ceramic coating and PPF. Watch the video embedded below to know more.

If a person buys a brand new car, he always wants the showroom shine of the vehicle to remain forever, but this is not possible because uneven weather condition damages the original paint of the car and make it look less exciting. If you really want your car to look always new, you can safeguard your car with nano-coating. If you don’t know, nano-coating works like a protective shield which preserves the shine and shimmer of the original paint of your car and also preserves the showroom shine of the vehicle. Here’s a recent video uploaded by a YouTube Channel named as Carzspa Ahmedabad Advance, which shows the PPF (paint protection film) and ceramic coating applied on the 2020 Hyundai Creta.


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You can see in the video that after ceramic coating treatment the SUV gets an enhanced bling effect to the paint. PPF and nano-coating also save your vehicle from minor scratches and dents. As you can see in the video that the workers at Carzspa start cleaning the all-new Creta with water and wax. Afterwards, they cover the bonnet headlights, wing mirrors, headlamps etc with PPF. Then they put some chemicals on the PPF, which easily gels up with the car's paint. There are a few benefits of ceramic coating. It’ll preserve the showroom shine of the car for a longer period of time and will also save it from minor scratches.



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Furthermore, direct sunlight can damage the original paint of your car, so the ceramic coating will work as a protective shield on the body of your car. There are a lot of detailing studios around the country. Nano coating is far better than your regular car wax and is also more reliable because the car wax gets diminished as soon as the car gets exposed to the weather. The nano-coating eliminates the use of car wax because the latter offers less protection. One can contact the nearest PPF & ceramic coating workshop to know more details. 

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