Tata Tiago, Tigor, and Nexon Facelift Brochures Leaked – Here’s All You Should Know

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 16/01/2020
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2020 Tata Tiago, Tigor, and Nexon facelifts are about to be revealed. The brochures scans of these cars have leaked, and here's a sneak peak for you to know what Tata Motors has in its bag for you.

Tata Motors is all set to make it big at the upcoming 2020 auto expo. The manufacturer has recently unveiled it Altroz hatchback and the Nexon EV, but that does not mean that the show is over yet from the manufacturer. Tata Motors has recently announced that the brand will come up at expo floors with almost 28 vehicles to showcase, which does include the Altroz, Nexon EV, but also a few other cars apart from their commercial vehicles. That said, the expo floors will host the space for upcoming 2020 Tata Nexon, Tiago, and Tigor facelift. All of these cars have been successful market grabbers, but since they have now staring falling back in terms of their design, Tata Motors is updating them with by injecting their latest Impact design language 2.0. While the models are awaiting their unveiling, we have got our hands on the brochures of these cars. So what are the changes you should expect? Here’s all we have compiled for you.

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2020 Tata Tiago Facelift

Starting with the first car on the list, Tata Tiago facelift, the brochure scans tell a lot about the super facial changes that the car will get.


Tata Tigor Facelift

On the front, 2020 Tata Tiago facelift will have an all-new face, which will be more in line with the Altroz’s front fascia. The Tiago facelift gets a different bonnet and bumper to accommodate new headlamps and grille. The new headlamps on the Tiago facelift have now adopted a sharper approach and they appear a lot sleeker in comparison to those seen on the outgoing model. There’s also a chrome strip that runs from one headlamp to another from the lower side of the grille. However, there’s also a black strip running from the top of the headlamps as one seen on the Altroz to give the Tiago facelift a very sharp nose. On the lower side of the front fascia is the new bumper that has also taken some inspiration form the Altroz. The lower air-dam too follows the suit with a decreasing thickness on the sides. But to differentiate the Tiago facelift from its elder sibling, Tata motors has kept the fog lamps lower down in the bumper, in a fancy cradle.

Sideways, the Tiago facelift would not be granting the car any change apart from a new design of alloy wheels, which were previously seen performing duties on the Tigor.

Having a look at the car from the back, Tiago facelift gets a new bumper, which is pretty similar to the old one but will have a new black insert to break the mass and give the rear of the car a neat look. Also, the car will now sport new colour shades with an option to opt for a black roof.

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Tata Tiago Facelift

Brochure leaks suggest that Tata Tiago facelift will not have much changed on its inside apart from a new steering wheel. The new steering wheel that the Tiago facelift will get is a much more matured and posher to design. Tiago recently received an update for its interior in the form of a larger 7-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system and an all-digital instrument cluster, which would be seen here in the interior of the car with this upcoming facelift. The dashboard and other plastic parts on the 2020 Tata Tiago facelift are expected to use a little lighter shade of grey in comparison to the outgoing model’s plastic parts. Also, the side AC vents are now matched to the exterior paint.


The performance is one quadrant of the design sheet, which is expected to be left untouched. We expect that Tata motors will refrain itself from plonking any new engine under the hood of Tiago facelift. Thus, it is expected to come equipped with outgoing engines options only. As of now, Tata offers a 1.0L diesel engine and a 1.2L petrol engine with its smallest hatch on the sale.

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2020 Tata Tigor Facelift

Next car that Tata Motors will be unveiling at the expo floors and then launch it in the market to once again revive the sales chart drama is the Tata Tigor facelift. Yes! the brochure scans of the 2020 Tata Tigor facelift have also been revealed. But what is the change that these brochure scans suggest of best? The change!


Tata Tigor Facelift

On the outside, there isn’t much that has been changed on the Tigor, but some small changes have performed the job very well to give the 2020 Tata Tigor facelift a distinctive look than the outgoing model. That said, the Tigor facelift will also be following the suit of Altroz to get itself some makeover. Although the Tigor appears to be exactly identical to what the Tiago facelift looks like. That said, there’s a prominent change on the front of the Tiago with the facelift. Thanks to the new design of headlamps with a different cluster design, a prominent black strip over the grille and a chrome strip beneath the grilles and headlamps, Tigor facelift gets itself a forward heavy nose. Also, the grille on the Tigor facelift gets a different finish that of the Tiago facelift. Moving down to the bumper, it has a lot of elements inspired from the Altroz, making its bumper look identical to that of Tiago facelift but with some subtle change. These subtle changes on the Tigor facelift, however, differentiate it from the Tiago and these changes include chrome inserts on the lower air dam, and DRLs engraved in the fog lamp housings.

From the sides, the Tigor facelift will now get mirrors painted in gloss black, and chrome insert on door handles, while rest everything is expected to remain the same. While on the rear, the only change that is expected to be given with this facelift is a mild refresh to the tail lamps. The tail lamps will now make us of clear-lens instead of the red, and thus giving the car a little more distinctiveness than before.

The Tigor facelift will now 5 new refreshing schemes for the customers, which are Pure Silver, Deep Red, Pearlescent White, Arizona Blue, and Daytona Grey.

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Tata Tigor Facelift

On the inside, Tigor facelift is not expected to have a day-night sort of change, in comparison to the outgoing car. It will have now have body-colour inserts on the side AC vents, but everything else is expected to be same as before. However, Tiago got itself some major add-ons like the all-digital instrument cluster and a larger 7.0-inch touchscreen, which are carried over on the facelifted Tigor as well. As for now, these are all the details that these brochure scans hint of.


Tigor facelift is expected to come with the existing engine option of a 1.0L diesel and a 1.2L petrol, since, these brochure scans do not suggest anything else other than the super facial change. However, this time the engines will be BS-6 compliant.

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2020 Tata Nexon Facelift

The 3rd car to go under the knife and come up as one beautiful compact SUV is the Tata Nexon. It is the only car from Indian manufacturers that have scored complete 5-star in global NCAP test. Modulating its sheet metal to keep its function intact while opting for the form sure would’ve been a tough job, but these leaked brochure scans suggest that Tata motor’s engineer were really good at their part while performing the job.

That said, Tata Nexon facelift looks a whole lot manly in comparison to the outgoing model. No, it doesn’t follow the suit and lines of Altroz like the Tiago facelift or Tigor facelift, instead, Nexon has adopted a Land Rover-ish approach to come up as a new kid on the block.


Tata Nexon Facelift

On the front, Nexon now gets rid of those frog-eyed headlamps and the new units are sleeker and sharper in looks. With this, the hood is now new and is a more matured design than what it actually was. However, Nexon facelift also gets itself a new bumper which a lot busier in comparison to the one seen on the outgoing Nexon. The new bumper has too many creases and thus housing the fog lamps in a new assembly. Also, there’s now air dam on the lower portion of the bumper, which sits right above the faux skid plate.

On the sides, the Nexon facelift will get a complete floating roof appearance and a set of new alloy wheels, which are now 8-spoke units in comparison to the 5-spoke units seen on the current selling car.

The rear, however, can be said as heavily refreshed in comparison to the front. The dual-tone bumper now is resculpted to give the car a fresher appeal in conjunction with the faux skid plates. The tail lamps come up as the most vibrant change the rear though. The LED placement is now different, and the overall cluster of the car is changed to give it some distinctiveness from the outgoing car.

Talking about the colour options, the Nexon facelift will come in single tone and dual-tone colours, where the roof will come painted in white. The names of the colour options that are Tectonic Blue, Daytona Grey, Foliage, Caligary White, Pure Silver, and Flame Red.

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Tata Nexon Facelift

There’s isn’t much that has been changed on the inside of the Nexon. At least, that is what these brochure scans suggest. The Nexon facelift will sport the new steering wheel that is been seen on the Altroz. It will be the same steering as the Tiago facelift and Tigor facelift. However, it will sport the cruise control button here. Apart from these, there isn’t any major change expected as such.


On the performance front, the 2020 Tata Nexon facelift will keep doing with its 1.2L petrol and 1.5L diesel engine, which Tata motors will be getting ready for BS-6 compliance. Also this time around, the Nexon is expected to come with a dual-clutch automatic transmission in place of an AMT. These recently released brochure scans have revealed a lot about the upcoming Tiago, Tigor, and Nexon facelift, but we think there’s hardly anything left that we should know about this car. If any, the cars are all set to be unveiled at the coming auto expo 2020.

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