3 Types of Annoying Drivers You Will Meet on Indian Roads

by IndianAuto Team | 09/10/2018
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There are probably thousands of people you see driving on the same road with you every day. But these thousands of people can be categorised in just 3 groups.

Let’s be real here. Traffic in India is C-R-A-Z-Y!!! Apart from the infrastructure that makes people discuss and bear a certain amount of hatred every time they step out of the house, there are the drivers that make the crazy traffic even crazier. Just for fun, we have compiled a list of types of car drivers in India.

Big note: this list is for entertainment purpose only. We do not want you to get upset over this list. What we do not want even more is that when you are on the road, you start thinking and categorising the drivers you see into these groups. Focus and drive safely, folks!

1. The Honkeeer!!!!

The Honker is the one who sees that button on the car his or her magic wand, and somehow endless honking can Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo clear all the traffic and make way for his or her car like Moses’s legend of crossing the Red Sea. We share our deepest condolence to those who drive in front of a honker, because unless you are blasting music in your car, you may feel like you might be deaf and insane before you get home. One more thing, the honker might very well be the felony that commits the extremely serious crime of pushing the honk 0.0000000000021 second after the light turns from red to green, like “Hey everybody who is so blind that they cannot see the light change, make way for me and my car.”


The Honker is the one who sees that button on the car his or her magic wand that can clear the traffic

2. The S….n.a...i.l

The S….n.a...i.l, like the name, is someone who just… slowly… inches…. forward… on… the ……..road. It does not matter if he or she is driving in the city where the road is jam-packed or if he or she is on the highway, that person in some unexpected ways is able to control his or her car in a manner that makes it crawl on the ground like a sleep-deprived snail. A lot of times, this person does not intend to go slowly, he or she is just an overly cautious driver. The indicator for this variant of the S….n.a...i.l is that the driver constantly looks 360 degrees around, crouches over the driving wheel, maneuvering really close to a side, and then abruptly brakes when there is some kind of incidents happening from afar. You certainly do not want to drive too closely behind the S….n.a...i.l because you may risk running into his or her car.

slow driver on the road

The S….n.a...i.l just… slowly… inches…. forward… on… the ……..road

3. The Multitasker

The Multitasker is the person who thinks he or she has four arms like Lord Ganesha and does something else while driving. Now, let’s be honest; all of us are somehow guilty of this at one time or another, but there are some very special human beings who do a million things every time they get into a car and sit behind the wheel. Eating, smoking, texting, browsing through their smartphones, putting on makeup, or taking selfies, you name it, they do it all. These people seem like they have little to no patience to wait for the next traffic intersection or stop the car for a short while to answer the phone or to have another bite. Some even have a mini solo performance inside the car, which means they blast on the music, sing along to the song, and dance vigorously to the rhythm. If you see these people, you wish to keep as far of a distance as possible.

drinking and calling and driving at the same time

The Multitasker does a million things every time they get into a car and sit behind the wheel

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