3+6 Useless Car Hacks You Never Want To Use

by IndianAuto Team | 04/01/2019
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Did you know that not all car hacks are useful? Car hacks are fun and creative, but there are a lot of them are useless.

Everyone loves DIY tasks because of their economy and creativity. However, before engaging into any craft, hack, or tip, you must consider the practicality of these hacks.  Is it possible, durable or useful?. Here are some examples of the unhelpful hacks that will fall to meet your expectation and leave you disappointed.

Using rubber ducks to avoid a collision

Parking is never a comfortable task and all of us must have been hitting our cars to walls, poles, or other cars at least once while you try to get our cars in a parking slot. To avoid scratches on your cars, you perhaps have searched for solutions on the internet and ended up on one that told you to attach rubber ducks to the sides or at least the back of your cars to prevent a hard collision.

a yellow rubber duck

Rubber ducks: a creative car hack to avoid collisions

“Such a creative hack!”, some of us may have said that; however, unfortunately, the truth is hurt that the rubber ducks hack is not really that… magical. It only makes your cars less gorgeous because of the little artifactual creatures; what’s more, the sound when the ducks hit an object may sound funny to some people but annoyed to most people. All in all, you should improve your parking skills or purchase a camera or a parking assistive sensor rather than getting ducks.

Replacing car mirrors with hand mirror… seriously?

We all want to save money and that’s why we are looking for car hacks; however, replace broken car mirrors with hand mirrors is just too frugal. You must keep in mind that the materials used on a car mirror are way better than those of a handy one. That is to say, in order to provide you with a clear and precise view, car manufacturers have to conduct a lot of researches and find the best materials for a car mirror; however, making a hand mirror doesn’t cost their producers such efforts. For this reason, purchasing a good quality car mirror will not cost you a fortune, but it will beautify your car, assist your vision, and, above all, ensure your safety.

replaced hand mirror on a car

Your car will look... very weird if it is attached a hand mirror like this!

Fixing the position of your car’s mirror by duct tapes

Being one of the most important accessories of a car, mirrors must be taken care of carefully. However, things happen when we least expect them. Accidentally, you break one or more of your mirror in a collision or a crash and you decide to fix it by applying… duct tape? We all know repairing or replacing car mirrors is very costly, but exchanging the money for safety and aesthetics is always the best option. To be specific, this car hack will only make your car uglier and less safe by loosely binding the mirrors and your car with the awful looking tapes as well as reduce your clear view of the back of your car. Therefore, if you have your car mirrors broken, get a new one and make sure it screwed properly.

duct tape covers a car mirror

Duct tape is not always useful, especially in this situation

Replacing car bumper with a log

Your car bumper is the most likely to be damaged because of a crash from behind. Trying to replace your bumper with a block of wood is highly recommended in the DIY car hacks articles. However, IndianAuto doesn’t advise you to do such remedy as wood is not a good material to be a bumper and it decomposes very fast. What’s more, hanging a wood on the back of your car makes it less pretty and the weight of the log is heavier than normal bumper which may exceed the carrying capacity of the rear of your car. Therefore, replace a broken bumper with a new bumper.

wooden car bumper

A wooden car bumper will wear out very fast

Making use of an umbrella to replace the roof of your convertible

It’s always an interesting experience to drive a convertible under a sunny day with sunglasses and a fashionable hat. However, things change when the weather gets too hot and the roads are crowded in the middle of the day. You will soon suffer tiredness as well as dizziness, and you desperately want a shade to help you out of the condition. Finally, you end up an idea of using an umbrella to get the heat away. Nevertheless, this hack is not practical as the umbrella is very unsteady, especially when it’s windy; moreover, worrying about the umbrella which may fly away while you are driving will distract you from noticing  the hazards around. Things get much worse when it’s raining cats and dogs as no umbrella is big enough to cover all your seats. Therefore, install a mobile roof for you convertible or with one with a moving roof.

umbrellas on top of a convertible

It's not good to use colourful umbrellas as a roof for your convertible

Replacing broken windows with umbrellas

The reason for not applying this hack is similar to which of the previous umbrella hack. However, there is one more thing you should keep in mind that it is not unsafe to use an umbrella to replace a broken window, but it also restricts and makes your views around and make your car look not so nice.

an umbrella on a side of a car window

You may lose your umbrella because of the strong wind caused by driving fast

Replace a broken exhaust pipe with a wire

The exhaust pipe is crucial to any car as it delivers contaminated gas out of your engine to let it continually burn the fuel. Some people might tell you to attach a wire to the broken part of your worn-out exhaust pipe to improve its performance. However, keep in mind that this is just a temporary approach as a wire cannot function like the pipe and will damage the remaining parts of the worn-out pipe. Only do this when you need an instant and short-term solution to get it to the mechanics so that you can get your car repaired; do not try to use a wire as a permanent replacement of an exhaust pipe.

a broken exhaust pipe

When your car's exhaust pipe has worn out like this, get a new one

Replacing a broken headlight with a flashlight

Headlights and flashlight both are used to light the way at night or in low light conditions. Therefore, why not use a flashlight instead of purchasing new headlights when the original one gets broken? The first reason for not following this hack is that the brightness of the two lights are varied and their production purpose is also different. You cannot hope a flashlight to function like a headlight and vice versa. Secondly, replacing the broken lights with flashlights can make the other road users mistakenly think that you are a passenger who is using a flashlight to lead the way at nighttime, which is very dangerous! Therefore, get a new headlight for your broken ones.

flashlight on a car front

Flashlights are not designed to be used like headlights

Sneakers as cup holders

You have old sneakers and you want to make use of them? Transform worn out sneakers to cup holders might be a good idea, but the benefits they bring is less than the disadvantages. You must use tapes or other methods to make the sneakers stick to your car if you don’t want any liquid spill. Moreover, it’s more time consuming to adjust and redesign the sneakers to have holes big enough for cups and bottles. Another disadvantage of this hack is that it looks ugly and unhygienic. Some may say that you can get new sneakers for this hack to solve the unaesthetic issue, but what’s the point of this time and money wasting method? Just get some nice cup holders and you are all set!

sneakers as cup holders

It will be a huge waste to use your sneakers as cup holders

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