4 Amazingly Modified Chevrolet Cruze in India

by Vivaan Khatri | 16/02/2020
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Even though Chevrolet is no longer active in India, one of its model, Chevrolet Cruze still attracts huge following in the car mod circuit.

Chevrolet India went out of the business in India at the end of 2017. All of their products including the Chevrolet Cruze also disappeared from the market. Even after its departure from the new car market, the Chevrolet Cruze still lingers on in the used car market. The Cruze is now the story of the past, but the car remains a fascinating object for car mod fanatics. IndianAuto will pick up top 4 exampls of best modified Chevrolet Cruze in India.

Modified Chevrolet Cruze 2013 by KitUp

KitUp is well-known for its refined and aesthetic custom kit. Their remarkable skills are illustrated once again on the modified 2013 Chevrolet Cruze. The first takeaway from this stunning customized Cruze is the new orange-black exterior colour which reminds us of the colourful and luxury sports cars. Beyond just a repainting, the modifiers have added some exciting bits to the original design, for example, the slatted grille is now reshaped and replaced by a new mesh grille with two black-out bar running across. It also gets a larger air dam as well as two sleek air intake vents sitting two sides of the front bumper and front spoiler. The headlights are retouched to look more aggressive and in line with the overall new aggressive design of the car.

Coming to the side profile, Chevrolet Cruze KitUp sports sleek multi-spoke alloy wheels and black-out outside wing mirrors. The best part of this modified Cruze must be the extreme rear end overhaul. The chrome bar across the boot lid must be the only thing that is carried over from the original design. The rest of the rear end is reworked, starting from the transformed headlights. The highlights are revised bumper with sporty dual exhausted pipes which is inspired by the sports car design. Altogether, these new elements completely transform the style of the Chevrolet Cruze.

modified chevrolet cruze third quarter rear orange

Not only the exterior but the interior is also exposed to radical changes. It now features a high-quality aftermarket touchscreen. In agreement with the exterior updates, the cabin now comes with the orange-black scheme instead of the old silver-black combination. The cheery on top is the star ceiling. Usually, these ambitious retouches would end up being either over-decorated and cheap or stunning and impressive. In this case, we are glad that this modified Chevrolet Cruze goes with the latter.

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Red-hot modified Chevrolet Cruze

Next on this list is the aggressively styled Chevrolet Cruze with a blazing red coat. This modified car is done by the 360 Motoring Kollam. In order to comprehensively transform the look of the original Cruze, the team has conducted some serious updates across the car body. Starting from the front end, this Chevrolet Cruze gets a new hood with a raised part and two faux air intakes. The bumper is also updated with a front spoiler while the fog light housing is reshaped with LEDs light on the side. The Chevrolet logo is eliminated, making it unrecognizable.

On the side profile, the modification has brought along new flared wheel arches and a new set of alloy wheels. The rear end will be changed to a great extent, making the design closely matching with that of the sports cars (we are not sure about the quality). With new bumper, the ground clearance of the car is lowered. Besides, the rear also gets some sports car inspired factors like a rear spoiler and exhausted pipes. The taillights also get its share of the make-over, looking more fashionable. It remains unknown whether the interior is also renovated. In general, this modified Chevrolet Cruze lends a new take on the familiar stock design.

modified chevrolet cruze red rear

Transformers-inspired Modified Chevrolet Cruze

Even though the final look does not look as extreme as the red Chevy above, this Yellow Transformer is also expressing a bold statement in its own way. Taking the inspiration from the Transformers' Bumblebee’s character, this Chevrolet Cruze gets a Solarbeam Yellow Metallic wrap over its body. To mimic the robotic design, the front and the rear of this car has taken in a new robust look.

chevrolet cruze project yellow transformer front

On the fascia, the old bumper made way for a new bumper with sharp lines and edges. Along with it, the bonnet panel now comes with two raised air scoop. The grille shape is retained but it gets gloss back treatment surround. The side profile also fosters 17-inch black-out finished alloy rims and side intake. For most parts, the rear end design is still the same. However, it gets some exciting new details like a large rear wing and a new pair of dual exhaust pipes.

Camaro-inspired Modified Chevrolet Cruze

This modified version of the Chevrolet Cruze will take the transformation to a new level. At first sight, it is hard to tell it is a Chevrolet Cruze. On the front end, it gets a new bumper and a modified hood that are reminiscent of the Camaro. The addition of two air intakes and black decals on the hood creates a sporty and flamboyant look. On the side profile, the Chevrolet Cruze flaunts a new set of 19-inch wheels. Moreover, the wheel arches become more pronounced and larger. But what comes across as the most fascinating part of this Cruze must be the scissor front doors. Apart from these, this Cruze also features full LED taillamps, aftermarket diffuser, and dual exhaust.

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So, this was our list of modified Chevrolet Cruze in India. Which one of these do you like the most? Stay tuned to IndianAuto for more posts on car modifications. 

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