4 Crore Bentley Set On Fire - Here's Why

by Vivaan Khatri | 30/12/2020
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The bonnet Rs 4 crore, Bentley Continental GT Flying Spur was set on fire to demonstrate the protection level of ceramic coating

Maintaining a high-end performance car is as tough as purchasing it. You need to take a bit extra care of these cars because a single scratch or dent is quite eligible to burn a hole in your pocket. In an overcrowded country like India getting scratches on the body is not a big deal. These damages can be prevented through various coating solutions available in the market, by which you can save the original paint of your car. These solutions consist of paint protection films, natural wax and long-life coatings like Ceramic. Here is a Youtuber named as Turbo Xtreme who set fire on the bonnet of a Bentley Continental GT Flying Spur to show, the protection level of the 9H Ceramic Pro paint protection coat.

In video, the demonstrator throws petrol on the bonnet of the Bentley sedan and then lit it up with the help of a lighter. After a few seconds, he sprays some water on it and wipes it with the help of a cloth. The results were unbelievable the bonnet was still in a pristine condition with no marks and black spots.

Doing these experiments without protection coating can cost can cause permanent damage to your paint or vehicle. A protection coating forms a resistant intangible layer on the surface of the paint that safeguards the original paint from the flame or any other type of physical damage. You can easily search for the various demonstrations regarding ceramic coating uploaded by people on YouTube.

4 Crore Bentley Set On Fire - Here's Why

These protection coatings can be done on cars as well on the motorcycles. Getting ceramic coating done on your vehicle is an expensive affair for once, it will cost between a few thousand to lakhs of rupees, depending on the size of your vehicle and warranty time you may have selected. But, after spending a few bucks from your pocket, you can take your can or bike in overcrowded places without worrying about the damages.

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