5 Remarkable Toy Cars That Are As Expensive As Supercars

by IndianAuto Team | 04/06/2019
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When hearing about toy cars, you probably think of those colourful pieces of plastic or metal that your kids throw around the house. However, there are some toy cars that you probably do not want to give to your kids as they can cost more than a real one

If most girls beg their parents to buy a Barbie doll, guys would do the same to get a toy car, especially Hot Wheels car. There is just something about these original toy cars that interests us from the moment we first saw it as a child until we become adults. Most of us apparently have a special place in our heart for the plastic toy cars as sentiments for the past, but they may hold other meanings for you when you know that some toy cars are highly sought-after collectable items that may be worth thousands of dollars a piece.

Let’s check out top 5 toy cars that are as costly as supercars.

1. Ford Model A Wagon - Woody Line (USD 8,000)

Ford Model A, the real car, was a major success after its predecessor, the legendary Model T. Being in production from 1927 to 1931, Ford Model A acted as the basis for a lot of scout cars used in the Second World War. It was a car loved by many, so there is no reason for its toy version to not exist.

Hot Wheels did a series of Ford Model A Wagon toy, but the Woody lineup is especially fascinating. The cars from this line have distinct roofs, various interior designs, and a bunch of chassis variations. Some colours of Ford Model A Wagon - Woody Line are worth more than others owing to extremely limited supply. It is said the brown version is the most hard-to-find and sought-after, so the price of one brown Ford Model A Wagon from Hot Wheels is around USD 8,000 (approximately 5.6 lakh).

ford model a toy car
A legendary car deserves a legendary miniature that has a legendary price tag

2. Ferrari Testarossa (USD 97,000)

Ferrari Testarossa is one of the most beloved cars from Ferrari, the famous luxury car manufacturer. This car was in production from 1984 to 1996 and has been one of the most mass-produced Ferrari models till date. Because of its massive success, it is only probable that there is a toy car based on Ferrari Testarossa.

While it is understandable that someone would want to buy a miniature version of a car that they want to own but could not afford like the Testarossa, the price tag on this toy car is so outrageous that only those who could buy the real thing would consider purchasing this “toy” for USD 97,000 (approximately 67.8 lakh). Just to put things in perspective, a real Audi A6 that Shah Rukh Khan owns costs only 47.6 lakh.

That being said, despite being a toy car, this Ferrari Testarossa has impressive details with leather upholstery, and the doors and headlights working like those of the full-size functioning car.

Ferrari Testarossa  toy car

Ferrari Testarossa the toy version is no less expensive than a real supercar

3. Hot Pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb (USD 72,000 - 125,000)

A hot pink car is not something that is usually demanded by the masses, be it a real car or a toy car. Yet, the Hot Pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb toy car is among the most expensive toy cars in the world.

The reason why the Volkswagen Beach Bomb toy car becomes such a valuable collectable item today is somewhat funny. When the lineup was introduced in 1969, the Volkswagen Beach Bomb was not produced in huge number because its high centre of gravity made it prone to tipping off the track. Some later Beach Bomb toy cars featured surfing boards to the sides to prevent the car from flipping over; nonetheless, there were very few Beach Bomb cars produced, especially those in the hot pink colour.

For that reason, the Hot Pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb is one of the rarest toy cars out here, and its price is ridiculously high as a result, ranging from USD 72,000 to USD 125,000 (approximately 50.2 - 87.1 lakh) each item.

Hot Pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb

The Hot Pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb used to be an unpopular toy car, but time has brought it fame and a great price tag

4. Diamond-studded Hot Wheels (USD 140,000)

And next up is indisputably the most highly priced Hot Wheels in the whole wide world - a diamond-covered Hot Wheels toy car. This car was created to commemorate the 40th year of Hot Wheels, and well there was hardly any other chance to go crazy and fancy with toy cars, so they decided to make a bling-bling one that cost USD 140,000 (approximately 97.6 lakh).

This special Hot Wheels car has black, blue, and white diamonds adorning an 18-karat white gold frame. The total number of diamonds that were used on this car is 2,700. Moreover, the brake lights were made of 8 rubies. We challenge you to tell us another toy car that is more opulent than this one-of-a-kind Hot Wheels.

diamond Hot Wheels

The most expensive Hot Wheels in the world was made entirely out of gold and gemstones

5. Bugatti Veyron Model Car (USD 3 Million)

Now now, we know that model car is in a different tiere from toy cars, but they are both tiny, and we are here to discuss the outrageous miniature cars, so why not briefly touch on the insanely pricey Bugatti Veyron Model Car that costs USD 3 million (approximately 20.9 crores)?

If you just take a glance at the Bugatti Veyron Model Car, you would think that there is no way this car would be more expensive than the diamond-studded Hot Wheels as this car is only gold and few gemstones are visible to the eyes. But the thing is that this model car is a solid block of 24-karat gold that has some diamond accents, so maybe the price is somewhat justified… We guess?

What makes this model car even more insane that its price tag is that a real Bugatti Veyron costs “only” USD 1.7 million (approximately 11.9 crores), yet its model car almost doubles the cost while it is only 1/18th the size. The Bugatti Veyron model car really makes us question humanity.

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Bugatti Veyron Model Car interior

Bugatti Veyron Model Car’s price tag almost double that of the real thing

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