A Hindustan Ambassador Immaculately Transformed With Premium Treatment

by IndianAuto Team | 26/02/2019
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Recently, a rusting Hindustan Ambassador car has been restored and modified into a luxurious car for daily use by Sun Enterprises.

Being borrowed from a legendary British car, Hindustan Ambassador was an iconic car brand in the Indian market. The Hindustan Ambassador was on sale in the country until 2014 and was suspended due to the fierce competition from modern cars as well as an ageing design and dated technology. 

black Hindustan Ambassador parking on road

Hindustan Motors has pulled the plugs on the Ambassador since 2014

However, there are several HM Ambassadors models that have been kept in great condition. Some of them have been restored and modified immaculately with a premium interior and perfect paint job. This old Ambassador modified by Sun Enterprises is among one of the best looking Ambassadors in India.

The Ambassador was being in the process of modification

The Ambassador in the process of being modified

The Ambassador car

It has been transformed into a luxurious ride by Sun Enterprises

The Ambassador was repainted completely with a new primer coat to ensure longevity. The alloy wheels were also brought in to complete a splendid appearance. The roof was redesigned to add a more royal touch to the car. On the rear profile, there is a subwoofer placed in the boot which indicates that the modified Ambassador would be available with some high-end audio system. 

modified Ambassador boot trunk

In terms of the interior, the highlights include new plush seats, diamond-stitched leather, and the individual rear entertainment screens on the rear. The new plush seats offer a high comfort with electrical adjustment equipped on both front and rear seats. Additionally, inside the cabin, the restro-modified vehicle has also received ambient lighting.

modified Ambassador interior

The cabin offers a premium look with leather seats providing with a high comfort

modified Ambassador interior rear seats

The rear seats are equipped with rear entertainment screens

For the powertrain, as seen on the picture, the engine equipped is the stock Isuzu motor. However, we can not say for sure whether it has received any power updates or not. The exact price has not been revealed. However, it must be quite high due to the long time taken to modify the car. Sun Enterprises has been reported to have spent more than a few months to complete the transformation. All in all, with a perfect paint job as well as practical and comfortable modifications, the vehicle can leave behind a host of modern-day vehicles.

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Check out this brilliantly restored Hindustan Ambassador

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