Top Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hybrid cars

by IndianAuto Team | 13/07/2020
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Hybrid cars alongside with CNG cars are considered green vehicles. Besides having such a good benefit to the environment, hybrid cars have other great advantages and some disadvantages.

As the technologies are being greatly developed day by day, car manufacturers have been trying their best to make automobiles more environmentally friendly, more fuel-efficient, and more reliable. One of the methods that have been used is developing hybrid cars, which are powered by two distinctive power engines. Most of the vehicles use a gasoline engine and a subordinate electric motor system with a set of rechargeable batteries.

Manufacturers believe that the hybridization of such cars can save a decent amount of fuel. However, note that high-end hybrid cars concentrate more on performance and power rather than fuel efficiency. While many advertisements praise the excellence of hybrids cars (such as Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry),  in fact, they do have disadvantages alongside with their outstanding advantages.

Top advantages of hybrid cars

1. Less fossil fuel, less harmful to the environment

The reduction of fossil fuel consumption on a hybrid car doesn’t only require less fuel but also helps emit less carbon dioxide. As a positive result, because more cars are built hybrid to lessen the dependence on fossil fuels, the money you spend on gasoline could also be reduced. Besides, researchers found that hybrid cars often have better mileage because of their power-source switching mechanism. Referring to a broader perspective, the increase of hybrid cars in numbers will reduce the abusive exploitation of fossil fuels, thereby helping the planet to speed up its recovery.

green hybrid car

Hybrid cars are environmentally friendly.

2. Light materials used on hybrid cars also help to save energy

Scientists are trying their best to develop innovative materials which are tougher but lighter than traditional materials. The first fields that have applied the new materials include the automotive industry, where hybrid cars are born. Accordingly, they are made of lighter materials, which help weigh down their total mass of using traditional material. Therefore, the twin engines don’t have to produce immense power to run the whole machine. As it turns out, less fuel is required, less carbon dioxide emission, and, once again, less harmful to the environment.

Remember that Indian has a large population and many vehicles on its roads. Therefore, the use of electric vehicles and hybrid cars can help the country reduce carbon dioxide emission. Combining with other green projects, the reduction of fossil fuel consumption will ease the air pollution in India.

hybrid cars save money

Hybrid cars can save you running cost.

3. Financial benefits

Another great advantage of hybrid cars is its high resale value. Because gasoline has the tendency of increasing, people are looking for fuel-efficient vehicles, and, of course, hybrid cars are among the best choices in India. Averagely, hybrid cars have higher resale values compared to other cars. Therefore, you can sell your hybrid car at a very high price to anyone who is eager to buy.

4. Tons of helpful mechanism and systems

One of the most interesting advantages of hybrid cars is that you can have a lot of handy systems and mechanisms. First of all, the regenerative braking system will recharge the car battery a bit every time you hit the brake. Secondly, the engines automatically stop when the hybrid car is idle, and they will start when you press the accelerator pedal. Thirdly, many hybrid cars can go completely fuel-less. This happens when you drive the car at a slow speed, or when you let the car idle. Lastly, both the electric motor and the internal combustion take part in climbing a slope or accelerating.

How hybrid cars work.

Top disadvantages of hybrid cars

1. Hybrid cars can be expensive without tax exemptions

Because hybrid cars come with many excellent characteristics compared to ordinary cars, they are often costlier. Luckily, many countries provide promotions and tax exemptions that help reduce the price; however, the Indian government hasn’t taken much concern about this matter. Besides, speaking of long-term use, hybrid cars save you a lot of running cost, especially on fuel. Briefly, the high price of hybrid cars is reasonable as they have amazing features and decent fuel-efficiency. In terms of long use, you will find that hybrid cars are actually cheaper than traditional cars.

hybrid car

Most hybrid cars are not only green but also modern.


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2. Hybrids cars many increase maintenance cost

The brilliant technologies used in hybrid cars are relatively new, which requires special treatment, especially the batteries. As a consequence, to repair or to maintain the car will basically cost more than traditional cars. Besides, you may have hard times finding a mechanic who can fix hybrid cars properly if you are out of the cities. However, with such advanced technologies, the cars can be used for quite a long time before needing maintenance, but you should follow the maintenance guide from hybrid cars’ manufacturers.

Toyota Hybrid Maintenance and Longevity

3. Batteries of hybrid cars can cause you a few troubles

Hybrid cars use higher voltage batteries than normal cars do. That is to say, when the batteries are damaged in an accident, it may electrocute the driver and prevent other people from helping from outside. Although it seems to be dangerous with the high voltage battery, manufacturers have been researching a lot to apply practical safety features on hybrid cars to reduce the risk. Therefore, on modern hybrid cars, such unexpected events are hardly seen.

hybrid car battery

Batteries on hybrid cars have a higher voltage than those on normal vehicles.

The risk of getting electrocuted and the high replacement cost of the batteries on hybrid cars due to their rarity are not the only things you have to notice. Another thing you need to concern is the disposal and recycling of hybrid cars’ batteries. To be specific, you need to take the used battery to recycling centres or any places accepting old car batteries. Otherwise, if you throw away the batteries, they will pollute the environment, and under certain circumstances, they can explode.


Above is a detailed explanation on the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars. In brief, they are environmentally friendly and economical in the long-term, but they need special maintenance and cost a lot without financial support campaigns. Overall, hybrid cars provide humans with great potential and benefits; as technology keeps advancing to better people’s lives, hybrid cars can make a significant contribution.

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