Angry Juvenile Dumps His BMW Sedan Into a River As He Wanted A Jaguar Instead

by Jatin Chhibber | 16/09/2019
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A young boy from Haryana dumps his brand new BMW sedan into the water because his dad gifted him BMW instead of a Jaguar.

A young lad in Haryana got a BMW car as a present from his parents. But, the young boy desired a Jaguar instead and so, he got so angry that he drove the BMW sedan into the nearby river and recorded a video of it. The specific model of the car has not yet been identified but it appears to be a 3-series. 

Front, side shot of the car

The specific model of the car has not yet identified, but it appears to be a 3-series sedan.

The young boy from Yamuna Nagar, Haryana got the luxury-sedan as a present from the parents. The reason for this expensive gift is still unknown. Due to heavy rains, the river was immensely distended and the car was tidied away due to the flow. To show his anger, the young lad uploaded the video of the BMW car in the river on the internet. The car got stuck on a long piece of grass on a natural reef in the centre of the flooded river. Afterwards, the young boy took help from the locals to rescue the car. Moreover, the video of the same incident has been published over the internet too. The accurate details of the young boy are not known yet, but we expect the police to reveal it soon. For now, the report only suggests that the guy is a resident of Yamuna Nagar, Haryana.

The boy is in police custody for now. It's not known under which section the police officials have arrested the boy. The father of this young boy is a landlord in Yamuna Nagar. The youth seems to be quite young and did this to show his anger. Premium luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW and Audi can be commonly spotted in the interior parts of Haryana and Punjab, where rich landlords don't shy away from splurging on fancy sets of wheels.

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